AAUW at Purdue University Calumet

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AAUW at Purdue University Calumet and AAUW Calumet Branch Members

Text of AAUW at Purdue University Calumet

  • 1. AAUW at Purdue University Calumet

2. We contacted the office of Student Activities and Organization at PUC
We recruited interested students
We finalized required paper work
Starting a Student Organization
3. AAUW at PUC became an official student organization in Feb 2010
Initial members
Professor Colette Morrow, Santina Johnson, Davina Frazer, Tiara Stout, Melissa Kubic, Robin Richards, Rhonda Long, Rachel McMahon and Raquel Perez
We Are Official
4. Santina Johnson, President
Tiara Stout, Vice President
Jerrilyn Smith, Treasurer
Shawnta Sanders, Secretary
Stephanie Reato, Board Member
Jelena Kolundzic
Robin Richard
Rachel McMahon
Shalonda Mardis
Brianna Sheppard
Jasmine Hubbard
Kenesha Harris
Nancy Takla
Diamond Johnson
Deenoel Clayton
Raquel Perez
Samantha Jurecki
Tesheena Brown
Current Members
5. Members of the AAUW at PUC participate in several recruitment, awareness and volunteer activities throughout the year
Spreading The Word
6. Creating Awareness
7. Pay Equity at PUC
8. 9. 10. Volunteering at the Food Bank of Northwest Indiana
Paying Forward
11. Volunteering at Hammond Highs Second Annual Community Dinner
Paying Forward
12. Volunteering For Toys 4 Tots
Paying Forward
13. Planning Our Next Move
14. AAUW Making a Difference In the Lives of Women and Girls