9 creative ideas to boost your LinkedIn profile

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Are you making the most of your LinkedIn profile? In this presentation you will find 9 ways to boost your profile – from using keywords and customizing your links to reconnecting with your fellow graduates and adding work samples. Take a look! For more information and tips visit our website: http://www.sthreecareers.com/.

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  • 1. 9 creative ideas to boostyour Linked profileIn

2. NETWORKLinkedIn is unmistakably the worlds largest professional network and it is stronger than ever!LinkedIn has 300 million users; there are 2 new LinkedIn members per second from 200 countries and territories.To make the most of LinkedIn you need to make the most of your profile. 3. Looking for Linked inspirationInThen here we go 4. Regularly update your profile#1It is important that you treat your profile like a working place". Make sure you amend it on a regular basis and share updates.The reason: Potential employers, clients, candidates and business partners will look at your profile and form their opinion about you as a specialist in your field of expertise. 5. Add Specialities#2In addition to your summary section your profile should show specialities. If you select Edit Summary you either have a separate section or you can list keywords related to your skills below a headline Specialities.As a result, you will appear more often in LinkedIn search results for these keywords. 6. Use keywords#3Include keywords which are relevant for your position and industry in your summary and job titles.If your job title is Sales Team Manager then add related keywords, e.g.: Sales Team Manager | Business Development & Consulting.This way your profile will show up in LinkedIn search results and you will connect with more people in your specific industry. 7. Engage with your network#4Be active on LinkedIn and engage with your audience. You can follow industry leaders, companies, groups and share interesting updates such as articles.Also like and comment on other users updates as well as thank people for endorsing and recommending you and pay back the favour. 8. Customize your URL#5By customizing your public profiles URL you will improve its appearance and make it easier to share.You can make your own URL by clicking here and following the instructions on the right about how to Customize your public profile URL. 9. Reconnect with fellow graduates#6Get back in touch with your fellow graduates and expand your network. Go to the Groups Directory, browse the members and jobs for networking opportunities and join the groups discussions.You can also use LinkedIns Alumni Tool to see where your fellow alums live, work and what they do to gain insights into specific companies or industries. 10. Recommendations & Endorsements#7Ask recent and former colleagues and clients to write a recommendation for you or endorse your skills.This will increase the credibility of your profile and underline your skills.Read more about endorsements here. 11. Add relevant and customized links#8Make sure you display relevant links on your profile such as your company's website, other social media profiles and your personal blog.You can customize the anchor text of up to 3 links by editing your profile, clicking the pencil icon next to your website links, and selecting Other in the drop-down menu. 12. Add work samples#9Seize the opportunity to share work samples such as presentations, videos and other documents with your network.LinkedIn has a dedicated page which shows you how to add, remove and rearrange work samples. Click here. 13. If youd like to get in touch then visit our website sthreecareers.com or follow us on:Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+