5 Free Online Business Building Tools

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The 5 Best Free Business Building Tools For Small Businesses1. Project Management: AsanaPerfect for small teams

Very collaborative

User-friendly dashboard makes it easy to delegate tasks and track the progress of a project

Can be linked and has a mobile app version

2. File Management: Google DriveNever has filing, sharing and tracking and editing documents and spreadsheets been easier!

Allows an unlimited number of users access to the drive

Central location for all your files and easily grant (and remove) access to your team members

3. Social Media Management: BufferBuffer is great for scheduling your posts for a specific date and time

The service is free for a certain number of social media accounts

You can easily automate your posts when you know theyre most likely to get the most views and engagement

4. Visual Content: SlideshareSlideshare takes the cake for being one of the easiest ways to share PowerPoint presentations

Double your contents exposure in a form thats easily shareable across various forms of social media and be used to improve your SEO in a form thats simple to digest by your audience

5. Password Protection: LastPassA password manager that keeps track of all your usernames and password is a must have!

LastPass is THE BEST password manager out there!

Free version gives you full access to a slew of security and management services

Paid version gives you mobile access as well as use it for teams like we do

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