4 Tips for Marketing Your Business Reputation

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Online Reputation Marketing Services for Local Businesses 1. Local Business If you own a local business you have a lot of demands on your advertising budget. Why not attract new customers by marketing your business reputation? 2. What Shoppers Online Are Looking For Shoppers are going online to find out about you. And what are they looking for? Reviews about your business. 3. Comparing Businesses Now, given that reviews online are top-of-mind with shoppers, how do you compare with your competition? All else being equal they had differences in reviews, wouldn't you go with the business that had the best reviews? 4. The Four Game Changers 5. First Game Changer The first game-changer is that Google has merged 80 million Google plus pages with each company’s website. This means that in most cases, Google reviews – or the lack of reviews – are visible to anyone doing a search online for that business. Here’s a Tip: Make sure that your Google Plus page is set up properly including your correct address, business information and pictures. 6. Second Game Changer Game-changer number two is that reviews provide a major presence on the web. They are all over the place -- they show up on Google + maps, local directories, pay-per-click ads, and more. That means that your business exposure on the web is dramatically increased. 7. Third Game Changer Game-changer number three is that most of the advertising you are doing now may be working against you if you have no reviews, or bad reviews online. Why is this? Even if someone hears a radio ad, or sees a video ad, or reads a newspaper or magazine ad about your business, they will normally go online to find out more about you. Will they find good reviews? What’s the answer? Well, first build a five-star reputation online; then market your business. 8. Fourth Game Changer Game-changer number four is that online reviews give you pre-sold leads. And this power of online reviews is the Biggest Marketing Shift in 10 Years. Research has shown that 72% of buyers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. 9.Biggest Marketing Shift Neilsen report. 10. What is Reputation Marketing So what is reputation marketing exactly? Wikipedia defines it this way: “The reputation marketing field has evolved from the marriage of the fields of reputation management and brand marketing... 11. Strategic Approach to Reputation Marketing Now let’s take a look at what a properly developed strategic approach to reputation marketing, like the one I would develop for you: Create a 5-star culture by educating your staff, build your reputation by getting feedback and great reviews from your clients or customers, market your reputation by placing customer reviews over the web, manage your reputation by monitoring it and collecting data you can use to evaluate your progress. Free Reputation Report Contact me today for more information, and to get your FREE reputation report valued at $197. http://com

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  • 1. When shoppers search onlinefor your business, thefirst thing theylook for arereviews.

2. A B C 3. The GameofOnlineMarketingHasChangedHere Are 4Game-Changers 4. Marketing Game Changer80 Million Google Plus Pages Merged With Each Companies WebsiteAnd Reveals The Companies Reputation To Their Customers 5. Marketing Game ChangerBusinesses Need to Have Reviews To Compete OnlineReviews are a Huge PartOf Online Marketing.Google +MapsSocial MediaLocal DirectoriesSEO RankingsPay per Click 6. Marketing Game ChangerSEO, Social Media, Pay per Click, Local MarketingNone of it is Effective AnymoreFirst Build Your ReputationThen Market Your Business 7. Marketing Game ChangerReviews Give You Pre-Qualified Presold LeadsBecause Buyers Trust ReviewsAs Much As Family And Personal Recommendations72 % of buyersTrust ReviewsAs much as PersonalRecommendations!Bright Local 8. Biggest Shift In Marketing In 10 Years 9. Definition Of Reputation Marketing:Wikipedia: The Reputation Marketing field has evolved from the marriage ofthe fields of Reputation Management and Brand Marketing.Reputation Marketing:Build A Five Star Reputation, And ThenMarket Your Reputation To Get MoreCustomers. 10. 4 Steps to the Perfect ReputationMarketing StrategyGetFeedbackAndReviewsEducateandInspireStaffManageReputationMarketReputationOfflineAndOnline 11. Anthony HendriksCall: 250 220 1721or1 866 575 5330www.CompleteReputationMarketing.com