20 things i've learned about people

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  1. 1. 20thingsIve learned about thebusiness of peopleBy Matt LeedhamCreative Director & Founder
  2. 2. Hi.I put these slides together to simplyshare some thoughts around what ivelearned from working with clients overthe last 20 years.Its not rocket science by any means.Just a small dose of plain sense.My hope is that you get at least onenugget of wisdom.Enjoy.
  3. 3. Everyone just wants 1to be lovedSo love them openly.
  4. 4. Everyone wants2to look goodMake them look amazing.
  5. 5. People do business 3with people they likeMake yourself popular.
  6. 6. Conversation 4should be funEnjoy it andmake people laugh.
  7. 7. Take an interest5in peoples livesAnd youll go places.
  8. 8. Find solutions.6And quicklyPeople will be impressed.
  9. 9. Go above and beyond7on every jobWhy bother otherwise?
  10. 10. Dont wait for the8phone to ringMake it happen.
  11. 11. Get o email.9And leave out emotionChances are, itll bebroadcast to the world.
  12. 12. Meeting in person is10still the way to goWe are human beings.Not computers.
  13. 13. 11Listen moreSpeak less.
  14. 14. 12The solution is almostalways in the factsBe a curious detective.
  15. 15. Show people the13results of your workNo-one can arguewith the facts.
  16. 16. No-one is really 14interested in theproblems or issuesJust nd a solution.
  17. 17. 15Persistence pays oAsk again. And again.
  18. 18. Old friends aside,16your clients arentyour friendsKeep it professional.
  19. 19. Always look like youknow what youre17talking aboutYoure the expert.Look like it.
  20. 20. Preparing formeetings will show 18youre onto itNot doing so willshow a lot more.
  21. 21. 19Can you do that?Absolutely you can.
  22. 22. You only reallyget one chance20at anythingMake yoursthe best it can be.
  23. 23. Thanks for reading.If you enjoyed it, let me know.Matt LeedhamCreative Director & FounderLevel 3, 194 Miller St, North Sydney, AustraliaE: matt@leedhamcreative.comleedhamcreative.com Matt Leedham 2013