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  1. 1. Making the Case forCustomerExperience A Snapshot of Best Practices from 2013To read more about these companies and other case studies, go to:www.1to1media.com
  2. 2. Making the Case for Customer ExperienceThese days, if companies dont have a strategy in place that works to improve the customer experience and create a customercentric business, theyre basically dead in the water. Delivering a great experience is a crucial part of being customer-centric. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to make a compelling business case based on creating differentiation and long-term customer loyalty. Building a solid business case for investing inthe customer experience by correlating customer metrics to revenue losses and gains to combat churn and to move the customer experience forward is crucial for success. In this e-book, find out how 14 companies, including Vail Resorts, Expedia CruiseShip Centers, and Texas Roadhouse are deploying customer engagement strategies, improving the customer experience, and making the case for customer investments.To read more about these companies and other case studies, go to: 2www.1to1media.com
  3. 3. Making the Case for Customer ExperienceThe League of American Orchestras Problem:Faced declining membership in recent years due to a lack of perceived value to members and need for more personalized content.Solution:A robust engagement strategy that relied on data to better understand the most engaged and loyal membersResults:Personalized product information and the ability to conduct one-to-one conversationsTo read the full article, go to: 3www.1to1media.com
  4. 4. Making the Case for Customer ExperienceCellular One Revs Up Customer Satisfaction Problem:Solution:Results:Operational inefficiencies and labor intensive operations were negatively impacting customers, leading to long wait times for call transfers, increasing the need for call-backs to resolve an issue, and preventing customers from obtaining basic account information or pay their bills. Implementing a unified interaction management and workforce optimization solution allowed the company to integrate different modes of communication, including inbound and outbound communications and Internet, improving agent productivity.Improvements in customer satisfaction scores, operational efficiency, and employee satisfaction.To read the full article, go to: 4www.1to1media.com
  5. 5. Making the Case for Customer Experienceghd Weaves a Community of Artists Problem:Two separate websites that engaged stylists as well as customers.Solution:A combined website with an online community for stylists to showcase their work and to educate customers on hair trends.Results:Site content can be easily shared on social channels, giving it greater visibility and creating an incentive for the stylist community to post additional content.To read the full article, go to: 5www.1to1media.com
  6. 6. Making the Case for Customer ExperienceVail Resorts Carves Up the Customer Experience Problem:A focus on product messaging prevented robust one-to-one experience-based personalized messages.Solution:Leveraging customer data to personalize the customer experience at its resorts and beyond.Results:Customer information is also allowing Vail Resorts to reconfigure its loyalty program, moving from a product-centered program to one that revolves around delivering a great experience to customers.To read the full article, go to: 6www.1to1media.com
  7. 7. Making the Case for Customer ExperienceTexas Roadhouse Serves Up Geographically Relevant Content Problem:A need to improve its social and mobile engagement to be better able to interact with its customers.Solution:Improved its geo-tagging, allowing them to engage better with potential and faithful customers on social media in a geographically relevant way.Results:Easier to interact with its fans and followers. Content published to the companys local pages on Facebook generated 71 percent more engagement than content published on the brand page.To read the full article, go to: 7www.1to1media.com
  8. 8. Making the Case for Customer ExperienceRelevancy Helps Legacy Publishing Connect with Customers Problem:The need to encourage more parents to subscribe to its electronic mailings building a more personalized relationship with its customers.Solution:The site created pop-ups that address the different challenges parents are personally facing, then offers parents a personalized parenting plan based on their childs needs.Results:More parents are willing to share their email address within the pop-up to receive their tailored plan, increasing the websites open rates by approximately 50 percent.To read the full article, go to: 8www.1to1media.com
  9. 9. Making the Case for Customer ExperiencePerry Ellis Puts a 360-Degree Spin on the Customer Experience Problem:A lack of a 360-degree shopping experience and enterprisewide view of the brand.Solution:By implementing mobile POS technologies in-store, sales associates now have access to the tools necessary to facilitate the multichannel customer experience throughout their retail locations, boosting engagement and satisfaction.Results:Perry Ellis puts all relevant information within the customers reach, increasing engagement and improving satisfaction.To read the full article, go to: 9www.1to1media.com
  10. 10. Making the Case for Customer ExperiencePatriot Outfitters Gets Tactical With Its Online and In-store Experience Problem:Disparate data scattered throughout the enterprise prevented the company from having a unified view of the customers.Solution:Integrated its retail and e-commerce data, allowing the company to have a more rounded view of customers and provide a better experience.Results:Having better access to customer information from both the Web and retail locations is helping Patriot Outfitters better serve its clients.To read the full article, go to: 10www.1to1media.com
  11. 11. Making the Case for Customer ExperienceGolds Gym Raises the Bar in Customer Service Problem:The need to better collect and analyze customer feedback.Solution:The chain collects feedback about different elements through social media and surveys. The feedback is shared with individual gyms, which are ranked against each other, allowing chains to replicate the best practices.Results:Feedback allows the company to make necessary changes if needed, which has improved the customer experience by more than 40 percent.To read the full article, go to: 11www.1to1media.com
  12. 12. Making the Case for Customer ExperienceVIP Parts, Tires & Service Drives a Consistent Experience Problem:A lack of an effective and consistent training method across all locations for staff members.Solution:Investing in a cohesive learning management system, in which the system blends e-learning with traditional instructor-led training, through both live gatherings and virtual classroom sessions.Results:Lowered employee churn and is delivering a consistent customer experience across all its stores.To read the full article, go to: 12www.1to1media.com
  13. 13. Making the Case for Customer ExperienceBritish Airways Bring iPads Into Cabin Crews Hands Problem:Lack of organization of customer data amongst different departments within the airline caused an impersonal relationship between the cabin crew and passengers.Solution:Using tablets to give its cabin crew traveler information that will help the employees improve the customer experience.Results:This initiative is helping the cabin crew be better informed about the passengers on a particular flight and allow for better follow-ups.To read the full article, go to: 13www.1to1media.com
  14. 14. Making the Case for Customer ExperienceExpedia CruiseShip Centers Takes the Helm With Personalized Emails Problem:A lack of a program to effectively talk to prospects with relevant information that would entice them.Solution:Implemented a data-driven digital marketing solution that uses behavioral data to optimize email marketing campaigns.Results:A holistic view of its customers interests and the ability to send the right content at the right time. The open rates almost reached 50 percent with a click-through rate of 17.8 percent. The mailing list has multiplied significantly from 125,000 to more than one million subscribers.To read the full article, go to: 14www.1to1media.com
  15. 15. Making the Case for Customer ExperienceThomas & Betts Sparks Social Media Interactions Problem:No process to effectively build relationships and facilitate meaningful conversations with customers, distributors, and prospects while maintaining the image of a conservative brand on social media websites.Solution:Leveraged social media to build relationships and engage in meaningful conversations with both customers and distributors.Results:Improved both customer satisfaction by integrating both online and offline communication and brand recognition and awareness, and improved interdivisional communications with different departments within the company.To read the full article, go to: 15www.1to1media.com
  16. 16. Making the Case for Customer ExperienceOffice Shoes Sizes Up Customers Perferences Problem:The absence of a tool to mine the data and extract insights which could be used to make decisions on personalized marketing campaigns to its customersSolution:Targeting its customers with highly relevant emails, increasing open and click through ratesResults:Increase in personalized campaigns by 64 percent and click-through rates by 240 percentTo read the full article, go to: 16www.1to1media.com
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  18. 18. Making the Case for Customer Experienc