11 of the Biggest Social Media Management System Myths Explained

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In this eBook we dive into some of the common misconceptions about social management software. We're busting myths about #SMMS tools so social media teams like yours can adopt the best platform for your needs.

Text of 11 of the Biggest Social Media Management System Myths Explained

  • 1.In the grand scheme of communications,social media is pretty new to the scene.Along with social media emerged socialmedia management platforms designedto help brands and agencies managetheir social media presences andconversations with customers.

2. The space is moving fast and misconceptions abound.With social media teams jugglingso much, its tough to keep up withall the new technology available.To make this process a little easier,weve gathered 11 of the biggestmyths about enterprise socialmedia management platforms 3. MYTH 1THERES NOT THAT MUCH DIFFERENCEBETWEEN USING EACH NETWORK NATIVELYVERSUS USING A MANAGEMENT TOOL. 4. You have loads of free time, right?One of the biggest pain points of social teamsis a lack of time. Saving time creating, planning,scheduling, approving, and publishing poststo multiple networks and promotions onthose networks means creating more valuabletime for your team. And when it comes toresponding to your communitys questionsand replies, a social management platform letsyou monitor posts from a variety of networksin one place, tag comments for reference,and assign team members tasks to respond. 5. MYTH 2THERE ARE SO MANY SOCIALMANAGEMENT PLATFORMS OUT THERE.BUT THEYRE ALL THE SAME. 6. Not all social management tools are the same,and no one platform makes sense for everybrand. The trick is to find the one that worksbest for your team, your goals, and your hopesfor your social program. Your priorities willdetermine which SMMS is best, with someexcelling in services and others with strongproduct offerings. Building your personalchecklist for selecting the right SMMS foryou will ensure that among the availabletools on the market today, youre findingyour brands perfect match. 7. MYTH 3SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS AREONLY FOR THE LARGEST GLOBAL BRANDS. 8. Social management platforms are an assetto companies that arent in the Fortune 500(although they work wonders for them, too).Many smaller companies have equally engagedsocial communities, which means respondingto replies and comments is just as important.Community management for multiple networks,response workflows, content calendars,contests, and analytics are vital for all sociallyactive brands. Having this within one tool helpsmid-size to large brands scale their social efforts. 9. MYTH 4YOU CAN TRACK SOCIAL MEDIAJUST AS EASILY WITH FREE TOOLSAND SPREADSHEETS. 10. Ah, the spreadsheet. Its a necessary evilsometimes, but for social media tracking itdoesnt have to be. What if you could createcustom reports with just the metrics thatare important to you, across networks, andshare and export those results? Social mediamanagement platforms make this possible. 11. MYTH 5I CAN GET THE SAME ANALYTICSFOR MY FACEBOOK PAGE THROUGHFACEBOOK INSIGHTS. 12. Not so fast. Its true that Facebook Insightsprovide heaps of metrics for the FacebookPage admin. But social management toolstake the most popular metrics a step further,helping you visualize and analyze what thatdata means for your content, your postingschedule, and your community. 13. MYTH 6I CANT AFFORD TO PAY FOR DESIGN ANDDEVELOPMENT CHANGES WITH EVERY CAMPAIGN,AND THATS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU ADOPTAN ENTERPRISE SOCIAL MEDIA TOOL. WERENOT EVEN SURE WE CAN AFFORD AN ENTERPRISESOCIAL MANAGEMENT PLATFORM. 14. We agree paying for even the smallest changesto your social designs is a drag, not just on yourdeadlines, but on your budget as well. Socialmarketing platforms that include usable, flexiblesocial design tools let your team create contests,Facebook apps, web pages, and more and letyou edit and update your live designs, whetheryoure running five or 5,000.Todays marketing budgets are being stretchedand changed to accommodate a fragmentedmarketing landscape. It can be tricky to setaside the expense for an enterprise tool.What you will gain, however, adds real valueto your social media efforts. 15. MYTH 7WE HAVE AN AGENCY THAT HELPS USMANAGE SOCIAL MEDIA, SO WE DONT NEEDA SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT PLATFORM. 16. Thats one of the beauties of the socialmanagement platform it makes it easierfor you and your agency to collaborate oncontent. Everyone can log in, use designtools for Facebook apps and contests, buildcustom workflows, fill in editorial calendarsand create shareable, customizable reports.Why not get social with your agency byworking together in the same platform? 17. MYTH 8USING SOCIAL CUSTOMER DATA ISNTREALLY HAPPENING IN COMPANIES YET, SOI DONT NEED A TECHNOLOGY PLATFORMTO HELP ME DO THAT QUITE YET. 18. Data is making the marketing world go round and its happening now. 78% of marketersplanned to either further integrate socialcustomer data in 2013 or get started on thatintegration.1To be able to use social data,you need a tool that will collect this informationacross networks and initiatives (think: socialpromotions and contests) and will allowyou filter that data to learn more aboutyour social customers.1Source: Infogroup Targeting Solutions and Yesmail Interactive via MarketingProfs:Marketers Upping the Ante on Big Data in 2013 link:http://www.marketingprofs.com/charts/2013/9904/marketers-upping-the-ante-on-big-data-in-2013 19. MYTH 9WERE DOING JUST FINE GETTING APPROVALSFOR CONTENT THROUGH EMAIL, HAVINGFORMAL WORKFLOW SYSTEM WOULD JUSTCOMPLICATE THINGS. 20. Its tough to achieve zero inbox (and maintainyour sanity) when youre flooded with threadsof edits to posts, tweets, art, and copy. If yourelooking for a way to send the right people anote to approve something, get feedback, andhave a lasting audit trail of the process, socialmanagement systems provide this withoutthe endless, inefficient back and forth of email. 21. MYTH 10WE LET OUR FRANCHISES, LOCATIONMANAGERS, AND AGENTS DO THEIR OWNSOCIAL MEDIA, SO WE DONT NEED APLATFORM TO MANAGE EVERYTHING. 22. If your individual locations are active on socialmedia, bravo! But what if you could take it to thenext level? Social management platforms let you:Establish workflow that helps preventsocial media gaffes.Let you publish consistently branded socialdesigns across hundreds of presences.Show you reports that help your locationlearn whats working for others and improve.Easily funnel down creative content thatwould otherwise take more resources andtime for franchises to duplicate on their own. 23. MYTH 11IT TAKES A LONG TIME FOR ANENTERPRISE SOCIAL MANAGEMENT PLATFORMTO GET IMPLEMENTED. WERE TOO BUSYTO OVERSEE THIS CHANGE. 24. If you work in social media, theres nodoubt youre busy. But that shouldnt stopyou from adopting technology that will helpmake your efforts better. Implementation timecan be as little as 24 hours to turn on andonly two weeks for full implementation onsome platforms, especially independentplatforms that are IT agnostic. 25. Have questions about socialmedia management platforms?Were here to bust myths and give youwhat your team needs to know. Contact usto see if what you know is myth or fact.sales@shoutlet.com | www.shoutlet.comTWEET THIS