10 awesome Social Media quotes

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10 awesome Social Media quotes


<ul><li>1.10 awesome Social Media Quotesby</li></ul> <p>2. Social media creates Kinship betweenCompanies&amp; Customers, &amp; kinship equalspurchase intent.- cindyking.biz 3. The goal ofsocial media is to turncustomersinto a volunteer marketingarmy. - Anonymous 4. A brand is no longer what we tell the consumerit is it is what consumerstell each other it is. - Scott Cook 5. If you make customersunhappyin the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends.If you make customers unhappyon the Internet,they can each tell 6,000 friends.- Je Bezos,CEO at Amazon.com 6. I like to say thatTwitter is like a bar,Facebook is your living roomLinkedIn &amp; is thelocal chamberof commerce. - BSStoltz 7. Social Mediais about sociology &amp; psychology more than technology - BSStoltz 8. Marketing isno longer about thestu that you make but about thestories you tell. - Seth Godin 9. LinkedInis for people you know.Facebook is for people you used to know.Twitter is for people you want to know. - Viasocialmediatoday.com 10. If content is king.then conversion is queen. - John Munsell, CEO of Bizzuka 11. "Our head ofsocial mediais the customer.- McDonalds </p>