The most popular cars available for rent in singapore

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1. The most popular cars available for rent in SingaporeThe Singapore car rental services are a booming industry in the country owing to the huge number oftourists visiting the country. The car rentals that are available are both from the government and otherprivate cars too. The car rental services in Singapore are well appreciated around the world because itmakes the stay in the country more pleasant and easy.Now there are many types of car available for renting. In Singapore car rent run by the government youusually get a certain type of car that is mostly sedans. Private car rentals have all types of cars rangingfrom luxury cars to utility cars. The small cars are easier to maneuver around compared to the biggerones. So for a family visiting a place, sedans are the best option. You will be able to place yourselfcomfortably even if you choose to go on long drives, when you rent out sedans. Chevrolet Impala,Cadillac, Volkswagen Jetta, Audi A6, Mazda 6 and Infiniti Q50 are some of the best family sedansavailable in the country. These cars provide topnotch driving and traveling comfort. So you will enjoyyour ride if you are behind the wheel or choose to take the backseat.If you are a couple visiting the country just after your wedding you will find a two seat vehicle moreconvenient without much disturbance. You have option of having the vehicle come, pick you at theairport, and drop you back when you leave the place. BMW 320i coupe, Porsche 911 Carrera S Coupe,Renault Megane Coupe, Mini Cooper and Audi A5 Coupe are the best options available if you want toenjoy a romantic trip with your partner.Many a times, you feel handicapped being at a new place and having to depend on public transport. Ifyou want to rent a car and it is not the car of your choice you might not find the journey pleasant at all.So if you get a car of your choice then what more can you ask for? When you take a look at the largefleet of vehicles offered by the rental companies in the country, you would definitely come across one orthe other car that would attract your eyes.In the luxury cars limousine is the most popular for any event purposes. These cars are usually booked infull from different car rentals when any big event is happening. Car rental in Singapore is the only viableoption for taking delegates around when any event is going on. There are many offers that thesecompanies give once there is any big event happening. Mercedes Benz S Class, Jaguar, Volvo S60, LexusGS350, Nissan Skyline, Peugeot 508 and Chevrolet Epica are some of the most sought after luxury carsavailable in the country. You can place your bookings even before leaving your home country. By thetime you arrive at the Singapore airport, the rental company will send the vehicle along with a chauffeurto pick you up.When you choose a good car for rent in the country, your trips will definitely be fun-filled.