Superior Quality LED Lights for Camper Trailers and Caravans

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  • Superior Quality LED Lights for Camper Trailers and Caravans by Trailer Parts Direct

  • The construction, repair or overhaul of trucks, trailers and caravans require a large variety of products.

    There are prominent Australian hardware experts such as Trailer Parts Direct (TPD) that have large stocks in products that include gas stays, locks & handles, fasteners and drawer slides and runners besides electrical packages.

    The electrical packages include LED lights that are available in different specifications and styles and are meant for diverse uses.

    TPD supplies a large range in LED lights in Australia and abroad.

  • The products supplied include common rear lighting packages such as brake, stop and indicator lights.

    TPD also stocks LED lights such as side markers in different colours like amber, red and white.

    Strip and disk lamps are also available. These have applications in trucks, trailers, caravans and motor homes among others.

    The disc lamp is of 75mm diameter and has a 4 square LED arrangement. It is made from polycarbonate and it features a coloured diffused lens.

  • The LED large stop tail & indicator is a common 12v lighting arrangement in a size 150mmx80mmx22mm or 100mmx100mmx22mm for the small stop light.

    The LED side marker is available in size 80mmx46mmx32mm while the strip lamp is a great multi-purpose 12v lamp that is equivalent to an 18w globe.

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