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  • 1. Summary Of Questionnaire Findings By Ellie Hawkins

2. Introduction For task 7 it was required of me to produce a questionnaire targeted towards my audeince, in order to find out what their likes and dislikes where, helping me create an attractive music magazine . I printed 10 questionnaires, each with 16 questions which was created with my target audeince I mind. Therefore in this PowerPoint I am going to be summarising my results while also making decisions into how i will produce my music magazine and its content. 3. Question 1 What gender are you? As my target audience are female it was important for me to ask the gender in order to make sure I was getting the correct feedback from the appropriate people . As you can from the results all of the people I asked where female, meaning that all the responses where valid thus helping me create a music magazine that would attract my female audience . 4. Question 2 What is your age?From my questionnaire I can see that under 15 year olds and 16-25 years olds have filled out my questionnaire. This means that my target audience have been reached due to them being within these two categories. As a result of this the remaining questions will reflect their opinions, helping me create a music magazine that would attract them. However there two categories could potentially cause problems due to them being under and above my target audiences age, meaning that some of the results would be useless , not reflecting the audience likes and dislikes. Nevertheless this has been avoided due to me only asking those who are 12-16 year olds therefore my questionnaire will become useful when helping me create my music magazine. Improves: If I was to do this questionnaire again I would make sure that the categories included 12-16 years to make sure only my target audience's responses where collected. 5. Question 3 What music is your favourite to listen to? As all the people I asked chose pop as their favourite genre of music to listen to, this means that the remaining questions would have been filled out in the perspectives of those who enjoy pop. It was important for me to ask this question due to me focusing on the pop genre, making any other answer chosen irrelevant to my questionnaire. By doing this it allowed me to collect findings that would help me when create my pop music magazine. 6. Question 4 Describe your opinion of pop music ?I asked those who filled out my questionnaire to scale how exciting, sexy, happy, up beat, colourful and meaningful they would describe pop music as . From my results i can see that most thought pop music was exciting, happy, upbeat and colourful. As my audeince have described pop music in this way it will influence how I will approach my magazine by making it appear positive and childlike which is suggested by my finding. I can see that most of those who filled out my questionnaire have decided pop music as un sexy and meaningless. this would be due to pop music stereotypically being for a younger audience, meaning that sexual reference and seriousness would be inappropriate for the audeince. This will effect how I create my magazine by making sure that I do not use sexual image and that the content is little hearted in order to attract the audeince.If I was to ask this questionnaire again I would have worded this question slightly differently in order to make it focus on my music magazines content. describe the content of a typical pop music magazine? therefore when it comes to me doing my focus group I will be asking this question in order to get more detailed answers into how I should approach my magazine content. Exciting12345DullSexy12345Non-sexyHappy12345DepressingUp-beat12345SlowColourful12345PainMeaningful12345MeaninglessAveraging score 7. Question 5 What shade of coloures would you most expect in a pop magazine?Here I can see that all the people I gave my questionnaire to have chosen bright as their preferred shade of colour. Due to them all choosing this I will be using bright coloures throughout my magazine in order to please my audience whilst also attracting them. Bright coloures have connotations of happiness and excitement which I hope will make my audience think positively of my magazine, making them want to read it. However I did noticed whilst handing out my questionnaires that I had make a mistake my describing bright coloures as light yellow and blue. This did not effect my result due to me explaining to the people that filled it out what I meant, on the other hand if I was to do this questionnaire again I want have described it rightly in order to make it clear to my audience what I was proposing. 8. Question 6 Where do you hear about your music news? From my results I can see that the people who filled my questionnaire out had mixed ways of how they would hear about music news .Most chose ratio and then the internet with no one choosing music magazines . Due to this when it comes to creating my magazine I will think about producing a website/ ration station which would cater for my audeince versatility, encouraging them to seek my magazine for the latest pop star news. Hopefully this will also encourage my target audience to buy my printed copy, of which I will be focusing on. 9. Question 7 Would you be interested in a website that is linked to a music magazine?I can see that most of the people who filled out my questionnaire wouldn't be interested in a website to my music magazine. Although I did suggest this in the previous question due to some of them choosing the internet to access music new I will be abandoning this idea, due to it proving unpopular with my audience in this question. 10. Question 8 How important is the model on the front cover of the magazine? From my results I can see that the main image on the front cover is very important due to people scoring this a high on the scale. Therefore when it comes to creating my music magazine I will make sure to use an image which is in the styling of a typical pop music star in order to attract my audeince. I will also be editing my image to enhance how glamorous it is which should attract my audeince further.Improves: As I did not ask what elements of the main image makes the front cover attractive I will be asking my audeince this in my focus group in order to make sure what I think would attract the audience is correct.Insignific ant1234Averaging score5Very important 11. Question 9 What kind of images would you like the music magazine to contain?This was an open based question which allowed those who filled my questionnaire out to be as detailed or brief as they wanted to beI noticed that all if not most expected to see clothing, pop artists/bands and make up in a pop music magazine , meaning that they would like to see these in my magazine. All of the suggestions where typical images i would expect to see in a pop magazine from my research which should make it easy for me to come up unique and innovative ways of taking the photos in order to make them appear attractive and interesting to my audeince. Therefore from my finding I will make sure I take photos not only of people but also fashion items, accessories and make-up for my pop magazine. 12. Question 10 Which of the following artists would mostly likely make you want to buy a music magazine? I can see that the majority of people I asked would be more inclined to buy a music magazine that was female dominated due to most of them choosing Taylor swift or Cher Lloyd as the artists which would most likely make them want to buy a music magazine. Therefore because of this I will predominantly be taking photos of females in order to attract them to my magazine. However after looking back at questions 6 (Where do you hear about your music news? ) and seeing that most of my target audience hear about music on the radio and not music magazines I think it is important to use a range of males and female images in order to please all members of the target audience, encouraging them to buy my printed copy over listening to music on the radio. 13. Question 11 Which is your favourite pop band out of the following ?I can see here, like with question 10 that my target audience are mostly attracted to female bands due to most of the people i gave my questionnaire to picking little mix or the Saturdays. Therefore when it comes to me taking my photos I will try to encouporate a group of girls to represent a typical pop girl band. I will try and make them appear stylish and trendy in order for them to look similar to how little mix or the Saturdays would dress which should attract my audience. However I did notice within some of my questionnaires people chose the boy bands e.g. one direction and the wanted. I think it is very important to use not only females but males due to my analysis of previous pop magazines whereby male models/artists where used as eye candy for the audience. therefore although I will be focusing more on how the females within my magazine are represented ii will also be taking photos of males which should attract all my target audienceImproves: as with question 10 I would have also asked in my questionnaire what makes a pop music band attractive? helping me style my models in order to make them look as realistic as possible to my target audience. Therefore I will be asking this question in my focus group to get more detail. 14. Question 12 In a music magazine what do you prefer to see? Most of my target audience where not fussed on the magazines content however some did sway towards interviews. Therefore I will make sure that my magazine contains an interview with the rest of its content being random(decided later) due to them not being too fused Improvements: In order to make this more detailed in my focus group I will be asking what kind of interview they would like to read about which should make it easier for me when creating iy. 15. Question 13 What would you most