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Savannah Hyundai 2017 Hyundai Elantra

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Introducing the 2017 Elantra

Introducing the 2017 Elantra

All New DesignAutomatic Emergency Braking147 Horsepower

Safety First with the 2017 Elantra

Active Safety Features

Dynamic Bending LightLane Departure WarningLane Keep AssistLane Change AssistSmart Cruise ControlBlind Spot Detection with Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Safety First with the 2017 Elantra

Passive Safety Features

Drivers Knee Airbag

6 Front, Side-Impact and Side Curtain Airbags

Automatic Emergency Braking with Segment FirstPedestrian Detection

A Segment First Safety Feature

Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection The forward facing camera, behind the rearview mirror,has a radar sensor mounted on the front bumper. The camera and radar sensor work together to detect a slowing or stopped vehicle and/or pedestrian in front of the vehicle and warn you of a potential collision. You do not need to maneuver to avoid impact, the system will apply emergency braking automatically.

All New Design 2017 Elantra

All of us get distracted from time to time.

The advanced safety features of the 2017 Hyundai Elantra can help you brake in an emergency with its Automatic Emergency Braking with class-exclusive Pedestrian Detection technology.

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Hyundais Mission

To make its vehicles and the entire consumer experience better through human-focused technology, distinctive design and uncompromising workmanship.

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