Real wheel drive

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Presented By Shashank Upadhyay03 SemesterME(AUTO) 02 yearRudrapur Institute of Technology

Welcome to AutomobileFather of Automobile Sir Henery Ford

Layout of R.W.DR.W.D(Real wheel drive)

R.W.D(Real wheel drive) EngineFly WheelClutchGear BoxUniversal jointPropeller ShaftDifferential

EngineIt is a power house of vehicle it is used to convert chemical energy of fuel into mechanical energy. It provide energy for the motion of a vehicle.

Fly WheelFly wheel is used to store energy produced by engine

ClutchClutch is used to connect or disconnect the engine power to road wheel

Gear BoxGear box is used to provide leverage

Universal jointUniversal joint is used to transmit the engine power to propeller shaft in a definite angle

Propeller ShaftPropeller shaft is used to transmit the engine power to differential.

DifferentialDifferential is used to transmit the engine power at 90 degree to the road wheel.