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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Mobile Devices is a small company that started to build connected personal Navigation Devices as well as track-and-trace black boxes, 8 years ago.1</p> <p>Yellow and White Pages SearchReal Time ParkingAvailability InfoWorldwide MapsAvailableWeather Forecaston Your RouteCoyote Speed Radar AlertLive Moving Speedtraps Infofrom Driver CommunityMyLive TrafficPersonalised Traffic AlertsNavigation, Routing and Voice Guiding</p> <p>What do we do?</p> <p>So what do we do?Last month, our partner Logicom launched the latest of our Connected P.N.D.And for the first time we started to build a market place of services for it.2</p> <p>How does it work?</p> <p>To make the MarketPlace idea possible on PND.We built 5 elements First. A set of devices, suitable for all vertical markets in telematics.Consumer OR fleet basedBut you can use your Own!The key is that there is no firmware. All the devices run on ONE open Operating System</p> <p>3</p> <p>Whats Morpheus OS?</p> <p>Remote diagnosticText toSpeechDriverProfilingNavigationPush MessagingTrackingOBD LibraryScreenShareengineOptimisedwirelessprotocolsLow level interface: GPS, GPRS accelero, battery,CAN, OBD Power managementMemory managementHigh Level APIsFlexible Core components</p> <p>We call it Morpheus ThreeMorpheus is the only Open Telematics OSIts got an open application platform And a core made of Flexible components4</p> <p>How is Linux helping?</p> <p>The friendly environment of Windows CE</p> <p>The Flexibility of Linux</p> <p>Dongle</p> <p>Black Box</p> <p>PND</p> <p>Smart screen</p> <p>PND 2</p> <p>eCall Black Box</p> <p>&amp;</p> <p>CORE</p> <p>Morpheus is open at the top and at the bottom.Its abstraction layer and Linux Kernel make it highly flexible.5</p> <p>Where do the app go?</p> <p>OPEN WIRELESS TELEMATICS PROTOCOL</p> <p>From, and to the devices. we provide a protocol to reduce and manage the cellular data cost.Off board Applications and content are then handled by your server or our Cloud-base infrastructure.We call it CloudConnect6</p> <p>How do I build my service?</p> <p>OPEN WIRELESS TELEMATICS PROTOCOL</p> <p>To Create your application, we provide the most compelling SDK in the Telematics World.</p> <p>Inside the Morpheus SDK You will find More than 3000 API ready for you.Morpheus enables you to adapt the device to your need and bring online content to the PND.7</p> <p>How is Morpheus changing C-PNDs?</p> <p>BRAND X MARKETPLACE</p> <p>With Morpheus OS and SDK you have the opportunity to build your own application marketplace.With services downloaded directly from the device.</p> <p>8</p> <p>How is Morpheus changing C-PNDs?</p> <p>With Morpheus OS and SDK you can also set the size of the service window and allow the driver to customize the navigation screen.So they can now chose to run the speed radar application while doing a yellow page search, for example.</p> <p>9</p> <p>How is Morpheus changing C-PNDs?</p> <p>SpeedTrapScoots</p> <p>Morpheus 3 new User Interface allows the driver to set up shortcuts to his favourite services.Then to switch between them safely.</p> <p>10</p> <p>Sign up to the Morpheus environment today</p> <p>And see what you can do!</p> <p></p> <p>11</p>


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