Mercedes Benz Actros Truck

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  1. 1. Mercedes Benz Actros Truck The MSPV Mercedes-Benz Actros is available in protection levels B4+ (AK47 standard ammunition, VPAM APR2006 level 6) & B6 (Assault rifles with ball ammunition, CEN1522 and 1063 level 6 VPAM APR2006 levels 7). Mercedes-Benz Trucks is a trustworthy partner at your side. With Trucks you can trust, we stand for premium quality and reliability. It is normally used for long-distance haulage, heavy duty distribution haulage and construction haulage. The Mercedes Actors is one of the most desired trucks on the export market, as they perform very well in high temperature and humid condition Feature High Speed Rifle protection Various protection levels from handguns to assault rifles. 5 Run-flats Wheel Upgraded Suspension Battery Protection Certified Ballistics Steel & Glass Roof Hatch/ Emergency Exit Separated Cargo & Guard Compartments For more information contact us at +971 4 883 0444 or draft email on or visit


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