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<p>LED Car headlights &amp; HID Car headlights by MotorFiend</p> <p>MotorFiend - Provide you best quality of HID car headlights and LED car headlights service. We give you 100% satisfaction in car LED light with HID car headlights.MotorFiend gladly conveys just quality reseller's exchange parts and auto frill that are sponsored by a one year guarantee. We see ourselves as to be the business HID front lamp specialists and following nine years in business we've sold in overabundance of fourteen thousand shrouded packs to fulfilled clients across the country. The greater part of our HID items are sent out of California and our delivery is constantly free inside the United States. Our committed client administration group will cheerfully answer any of your specialized or establishment questions. It would be ideal if you don't hesitate to get in touch with us. HID car headlights</p> <p>Shipping </p> <p>USA - Free standard transportation to every one of the fifty US states. Move up to express sending for an expansion $9.95 </p> <p>CANADA - Flat rate of $16.95 for all requests dispatched to Canada. Evaluated per request, not per thing. </p> <p>ALL OTHER COUNTRIES: MotorFiend ship worldwide for a level rate of $29.95 per request. </p> <p>Overhauling Your Headlights </p> <p>Shrouded Headlights: Our high power release fog light change units incorporate HID knobs, DIGITAL 35W AC balances and all the wiring and mounting materials you requirement for a simple transformation. Our packs are additionally fitting and play, which implies the wiring connects specifically to your vehicle's current wiring outfit. There's no cutting or joining which implies the transformation is totally reversible in the event that you ever needed to retreat to utilizing OEM halogen knobs. </p> <p>We prescribe our CANBUS HID Kits for establishment into more up to date vehicles that have electronically controlled fog light frameworks. Canbus weights can speak with your vehicle's installed PC frameworks which implies no flashing globules or cautioning lights on the dash. LED car headlights</p> <p>The front light hues we offer incorporate 3,000K yellow, 4,300K immaculate white, 6,000K plasma white, 8,000K plasma blue, 10,000K compelling blue and 12,000K purple headlights. The blue headlights are our most mainstream merchant and surely give your auto a redid extravagance look which will present to you a considerable measure of consideration. </p> <p>So what is the benefit of moving up to HID headlights? Concealed knobs are three times brighter than manufacturing plant halogen globules. Drivers relate high force release light to that of normal sunlight, along these lines giving you obviously better evening perceivability when driving. Your auto's headlights will likewise be seen by different drivers, people on foot and creatures, giving you better general security out and about. </p> <p>Perused more about: </p> <p>Chevy Cruze Headlights | Chevy Malibu Headlights | Chevy Silverado Headlights | Dodge Ram Headlights | Ford F150 Headlights | Ford Focus Headlights | Ford Fusion Headlights | Ford Escape Headlights | GMC Sierra Headlights | Honda Accord Headlights | Honda Civic Headlights | Honda CR-V Headlights | Hyundai Sonata Headlights |Hyundai Elantra Headlights | Nissan Altima Headlights | Toyota Camry Headlights </p> <p>Need to know how to introduce a HID unit? Our free manual for shrouded front lamp change discloses all that you have to think about selecting the privilege concealed unit for your vehicle. We additionally have an establishment video made by big name workman Eric The Car Guy which shows the orderly establishment process. </p> <p>Projector Headlights: We now offer a full scope of Halo Projector Headlights from SPYDER Automotive Products. For more data look at our projector headlights page. Different items from spyder incorporate drove headlights and drove tail lights. All items are top quality, have a one year guarantee and are delivered allowed to clients in the United States. </p> <p>Driven Headlights: Our most current LED item is the G6 2016 LED Headlights. This astonishing new innovation gloats 3,000 lumens for every globule and the greater part of the gadgets are fused into the knob lodging, so there's no more counterweight. The G6 unit can be introduced in less than 5 minutes! Philips LED Headlight units are accessible in H1 globule sort, which is elusive in LED. Our CREE LED Headlights highlight USA made LEDs and implicit cooling fans. The light yield is 3,200 lumens for each globule and they can be fitted to both 12 and 24 volt vehicles. CREE LED headlights are much brighter than HID xenon lights.</p>