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<p> 1. ExpressTablet DiscussionPROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL Intersection Technologies, Inc 2. Automotive Retail and F&amp;I Express Solutions ExpressTablet 1. ExpressTablet Mobile sales tool used in B2C and B2B applications.Business toAftermarket Providers Dealers BusinessConsumersExpressTabletF&amp;I Express Business to Consumer ExpressRecoveries2. F&amp;I Express DMS-integrated web portal used by dealersto eContract aftermarket products with providers they do Finance Sourcesbusiness with. 3. ExpressRecoveries Web-based tool used by lenders, dealers and aftermarket providers to expedite the product cancellation process. 2 3. Market Today. The aftermarket F&amp;I industry has lots of forms, documents, marketingmaterial etc. that is constantly changing. Most people try to keep up with all documents by Printing and updating in three ring binders Storing in some fashion on computer (file or search emails) Logging into different web sites The net result is that it is very often hard to get your hands on the rightdocument. Keeping track of your customers, products sold, executed agreements,pricing is a difficult task for most agents in the field. Most CRMs in use today do not provide good agent accountability tools. The more progressive agencies are looking for better ways to grow, scaleand mange their business.3 4. ExpressTablet Mobile SolutionProblem We Are Solving Most automotive related sales people do not haveeasy real time access to accurate data about their customers, products andproduction performance. Big briefcases, trunks and laptops have been thesolution but ensuring accurate and timely data is still a challenge. iPad mobile office application that delivers and manages digital content. 2 primary components: Secure, custom iPad app Content Management System with Enterprise Content Library Automatic 2-way synchronization to authorized users/subscribers ensuresall digital content is accurate and current. Applications: Agents Provider field staffs Lender field staffs Dealers Private label programs 4 5. Major Functionality Agents Customized for each agency and provider on content and look andfeel. Great UI (User Interface) to access all documents, agreements,marketing material etc. for all products, providers and programs. Ability to present documents or email directly from the iPad. Complete CRM with all customer and prospect information. Storage and retrieval of all dealer specific agreements, pricing, etc. Tracking of competitive products sold at client and prospectdealerships. Account Management allows for activates to be assigned to eachagent for each dealer to create greater agent accountability. Supply fulfillment process for dealer orders within the agency. 5 6. Provider Content Management Solution Provider ContentLibraryExpressTabletsAuthorized users have access to Users subscribe to specifiedProvider digital content electronic content. Agents Field team When Provider updates any Dealers digital content, all subscribers Business partners/vendors are automatically synchronized. Etc. 6 7. Major Functionality Providers All of the functionality of agent ExpressTablet that will assist inmanagement of agent relationships and direct dealer relationships. Ability to provide content to ExpressTablet so that agents cansubscribe to content versus manually add provider content. Allsubscribed content is updated for agents when provider performasand update. Provide agents and provider staff access to customized toolsincorporated into the ET app for your agents. Direct supply ordering capability directly to provider. Direct agent dealer level reporting available. Ability to incorporate dealer sign up process specific to theprovider.7</p>