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Big Data vs. Big Brother in Your Car

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Big Data vs. Big Brother in Your Car – Transforming Transportation with Connectivity Roger C. Lanctot, Associate Director, Global Automotive Practice, StrategyAnalytics, May 2014

Text of Big Data vs. Big Brother in Your Car

  • Automotive & Transport SIG 2014 Big Data vs. Big Brother in Your Car Transforming Transportation with Connectivity Roger C. Lanctot Associate Director Global Automotive Practice May 2014
  • Connectivity is Changing the Game
  • SOURCE: Quantcast Quantcast has released numbers from a study conducted over a 30- day period designed to give us some insight into the in-dash usage habits of Tesla owners. The study, which gleaned stats from 100 million digital destinations over a 30-day period between Feb. 24 and March 23, offers a rough sketch of what the average Tesla owner's in-dash usage looks like. "This data is based on websites using Quantcast Measure for their audience measurement," a Quantcast spokesperson told Mashable. "The Tesla browser has an identifier called a user agent, similar to a Chrome or Firefox browser. We looked at all visits to measured websites from the Tesla browser." --
  • What are Tesla Drivers Doing? Usage of the 17 in-dash touchscreen peaks during typical commuting times - 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.; 4:30pm to 7:30 p.m. News sites comprised the largest usage - 54% of websites visited. After news, services (restaurants, finding/purchasing entertainment, auto-related services, real estate, travel, shopping) accounted for 15%, followed by entertainment (14%) and lifestyle (12%). Within news vertical, 26%, or roughly half of news consumption was local news sites. 13% of the news consumed was financial in nature. DrudgeReport accounted for 10% of overall web browsing traffic.
  • Smartphone Use while Driving 58% of smartphone owners in the US and 47% in Western Europe report using apps while driving. However, on a weekly basis, usage is largely infrequent. Each category of app is used on a daily basis by 10% or less of smartphone owners Data from ACI survey of US and Western European vehicle owners, Feb 2013. US Western Europe
  • Why Do We Care?
  • OEM Headunit: Connectivity Feature Forecast Feature Trend/Opportunity: 2012 vs. 2020* USB 2.0/3.0 Shipments +330%: 26.5 Mil units to 76.4 Mil units (CAGR 14.1%) Bluetooth Shipments +200%: 29.5 Mil to 58 Mil units (CAGR 8.8%) Wi-Fi Shipments +870%: 3.6 Mil to 30.0 Mil units (CAGR 30.0%) 3.5 Mil Jack Shipments +26%: 42.0 Mil units to 36.2 Mil units (CAGR -1.8%) *In-Vehicle Connectivity is a key growth area in Infotainment Source: Automotive Multimedia & Communications - AMCS
  • Cameras Offer Best Growth Prospects of all ADAS Sensor Types Cameras offer best combination of growth and volume. Previous use of IR sensors for LDWS is dying out. Ultrasonic sensors not included in above charts: there is still growth here, reaching over 235 million sensors by 2017 8 Source: Strategy Analytics Data Nov 2013
  • Trend in Vehicle Segments and Sensors 9 Assist Features Full-size Mid-size Compact Small ACC AEB (Low-Speed) AEB (Full-Speed) Blind Spot Assist (rear, side) Park Assist Lane Control Assist/Warning Pedestrian Bird Surround View Traffic Sign Rec Auto High beam Dynamic lighting Night Vision Sensors RADAR/Lidar/Camera Lidar/Camera Lidar/Radar Radar/Camera Ultrasonic / Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera/Bolometer Deployment Trend
  • ADAS Evolution Timeline 10 Park Assist Blind Spot Brake Assist ACC Lane Assist Pedestrian Det. Bird/Surround View Traffic Sign Rec. Auto High Beam Dynamic Lighting Night Vision Multifunction Camera Sensor Fusion ECU Highly Automated Driving Assistance based on fusion of comprehensive environment info ADAS Domain Control Collision Mitigation 2010 2015 2020 Progression will be in incremental steps of automated assistance towards fully automated vehicles - e.g. emergency braking, automated parking .. Technologies: Radar Lidar Ultrasonic Camera: - Mono - Stereo - ToF - IR
  • Convergence of Infotainment and Safety Connectivity embedded and brought in Infotainment big screen, in-vehicle experience Smartphone connections personal content, apps, authentication To address: Privacy Security Liability Recalls
  • Detroit (Munich?), We Have a Problem
  • New Vehicle Ownership Paradigm Connected car = always fresh Content Apps Safety systems Maps Collision avoidance and airbag algorithms Feature/function add-ons, updates
  • Forecast: Cloud-y Identity Profile, preferences, protocols Driving history E-commerce credentials Apps + content Service history
  • Wheres the Money? U.S./World $60B/$300B in annual unperformed service $40B/$300B in collision aftercare $340B/$1T in schedule/unscheduled maintenance performed Big, Important, Profitable Business
  • Operating Costs SOURCE: Bobit Business Media
  • Smartphone Connectivity + = Customer Acquisition
  • Embedded Modem + = Customer Retention
  • Negative Implications of Apple CarPlay Fragmentation of in-vehicle connections Loss of OEM control of customer eco- system Use of non-auto grade speech rec Siri vs. Nuance Dragon Drive Loss of differentiation UI homogeneity? Regional regulatory issues? US DOT guidelines?
  • Positive Implications of Apple CarPlay Increased attention to smartphone-car connections Promotion/adoption of natural language speech recognition Simplification of smartphone connection Integration of smartphone apps via smartphone Easy to advertise, demonstrate, train sales Apple support at trade shows! Wheres Google? MirrorLink? No support.
  • Microsoft Screen Dupe: Just Say Nein
  • Conclusions Safety, security, CRM ought to be the priority Safety and infotainment are converging but safety is the more important purchasing priority for the customer Manage and maintain customer content, apps etc. in/from the cloud (or phone) Integration of smartphone apps via smartphone Browser-based in-vehicle systems Software updates
  • Thank you! Roger C. Lanctot Associate Director Global Automotive Practice Strategy Analytics [email protected] +1 (617) 614-0714 m +1 703 860-2005 Twitter: @rogermud