A must have vw tool for every mechanic

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The article shows a vag diagnsotic tool named SVDI, it allows mechanics to handle all the electrical VW problems.


<ul><li> 1. A must-have VW tool for every mechanic Volkswagen Group is one of the most famous automotive manufactures in the world, with VAG cars can be seen in every corner in Europe, American and Asian. Therefore, an efficient VAG vehicle diagnostic is very important for the beginner, semi-skilled, and experienced auto mechanics. In this article, I would like to recommend you a useful tool, SVDI, which allows mechanics to handle all the electrical VW problems. SVDI is the newest car and truck diagnostic adapter for VW/AUDI/BMW. The tool is able to: 1. Read and clear trouble codes 2. Match key via OBD, generate dealer key 3. Calibrate odometer via OBD 4. Clear airbag (SRS) crash data via OBD 5. Read and write flash memory of Engine via OBD, reset the times of flashing 6. Remove the limit to the car TV speed 7. Calculate code- support both the long and short code 8. Synchronize KESSY dashboard and ELV (Electric Steering Lock) 9. Read PIN code via OBD 10. Scan ECUs These functions are suitable to every beginner and expert. For beginners, they can use the tool to read and clear DTCs first, and explore its capability in the next few years. For experienced mechanics, it would be a handy tool for them to repair VAG vehicle problems. But just remember that no OBDII tool is perfect. SVDI is wonderful in many ways, but it cannot be upgraded at present. If you are OK with this, SVDI will be the best VAG diagnostic tool you have ever used. </li> </ul>


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