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  1. 1. BMW SeriesSam Swope BMWI-64 & S. Hurstboune ParkwayThe Ultimate Louisville, KY 40299bmwusa.com Driving Machine Phone: 502-499-5080http://samswopebmw.com/THE BMW SERIES.
  3. 3. Editorial PERFECTION, DELIVERED. Flagship is a term reserved for the absolute and undisputed ruler of the BMW world. Its not a term thats chosen lightly; of all the powerful, incredible, and successful vehicles BMW creates, only the Series embodies the term. Its the vehicle on which our reputation rides and when you experience one, youll understand why. Its more than just the sum of its parts: groundbreaking engine power and ef ciency, gorgeous design, intelligent driving and convenience technologies, elegant comfort and exquisite personality. Its also a vehicle that tells the story of our heritage. With every Series, BMW extends its legacy by reimagining, re ning and rede ning each and every aspect of the vehicle. From its compelling performance and distinctive air, to its unmatched grace and bar-setting luxury, the Series is the idealThe BMW Series TechnologyEquipment Overviewrepresentation of all things BMW. bmwusa.com/ seriesA MEETINGINNOVATIONAS INDIVIDUAL ASSPECIFICATIONSOF EQUALS. LEADERSHIP. YOUR IMAGINATION. AND SERVICES. Style Seven Decades of the Equipment combinations Build Your OwnA masterful creation of class-leadingAutomotive Luxury Classperformance and elegance.The BMW Series over the years. The M Sport Package Technical data Freedom BMW ConnectedDrive BMW Individual BMW ServicesProwess can be progressive, exhilaration An intelligent network of driver, car Exclusive offers for BMW customers.can evolve.and environment. Exterior colors Reign BMW Ef cientDynamics Upholstery materials and colorsA born leader, the Series radiates anProgress in performance.intrinsic con dence and precision. Interior trims Engines Elegance Three TwinPower Turbo engines. Recommended color combinationsLuxury is a product of painstaking laborand meticulous attention to detail. BMW ActiveHybrid Equipment features and options A marvel of power, performance and fuel ef ciency. Original BMW Accessories Chassis and safety features Innovations that inspire con dence. BMW Li Luxurys leading edge.04 05 Contents
  4. 4. STYLE. The BMW Series: a masterful creation of class-leadingname of visual harmony. A symphony of technologies working performance and elegance. The updated Series brings the most together for improved comfort and convenience. Ample room for ve inspiring BMW engineering and peerless luxury to the fore, in a wayto experience pure driving enjoyment. And, drawing on a lithium-ion that easily trumps the competition. Three innovative TwinPower Turbo battery, the BMW ActiveHybrid : a whole new take on ef ciency. engine options. An -speed automatic transmission. BMWs xDrive When the most advanced Series ever created gets even better, intelligent all-wheel drive. A host of design elements recast in the superlatives fall short.06 07
  5. 5. Take one look at the Series and marvel at the apex of BMWssignature design language. The distinctive front end reveals its road-conquering heritage with lan, from the wider-spaced kidney grille tothe reworked air intake with built-in Air Curtain technology. Horizontalchrome elements highlight the vehicles powerful stance. At night,Full LED headlights brilliantly light up the path ahead, with LED foglightsat the ready to supply even greater luminescence. The Series givesyou every reason to follow your driving desires with utter con dence. Get the latest information on BMW standard and optional features, packages and technical speci cations. Visit bmwusa.com, select the BMW model of your choice, and click on Features & Specs.10 11
  6. 6. Anywhere, anytime, the BMW Series stands ready to inspire andperform. The classically graceful contours of the body indicate amastery of sophistication and proportion. Even the integrated chromestrip at the rear bumper supports its luxuriously detail-oriented nature.12 13
  8. 8. STANCE. What goes into the DNA of a class-leading, award-winning speeds, Integral Active Steering ensures easy maneuverability and agship vehicle? At BMW, it all starts at ground level literally. supple control; at higher speeds, the system delivers rmer response,Whether with the standard Series or long-wheelbase Li model, thehandling faster steering input with con dence. Speaking of higher Series rides on generations of advances in construction and driving speeds, Active Roll Stabilization works to reduce body roll in cornering technology, creating one of the most distinctively responsive vehicles and sudden direction changes; drivers can tackle corners with greater ever. Take, for example, the self-leveling rear air suspension. The carprecision, and passengers experience greater comfort. continues to ride at a constant height, regardless of changes in load or driving conditions. Up front, aluminum double-wishbone constructionThese systems operate in tandem with the Series models Driving offers the best of both worlds: maximum rigidity and minimum weight. Dynamics Control, another groundbreaking BMW driving technology. Rounding out the innovative suspension features is the introduction of Driving Dynamics Control gives you customizable options. Choosing electronically controlled Dynamic Damping Control, in which the shockone of ve modes (ECO PRO, COMFORT, COMFORT+, SPORT and SPORT+) absorbers at each wheel are individually adjusted. activates a ne-tuned set of parameters governing engine and throttleresponse, transmission shifting, suspension response and even energyThe link to the road extends to the driver through the steering wheel.consumption. No matter what driving mood you are in, the SeriesBMW continues the responsive, rewarding driving feel with cutting-edgecan suit your style. And with the ECO PRO mode, it can even reducetechnology. With Integral Active Steering, BMW combines the mostthe number of trips to the pump because selecting ECO PRO revealsappealing handling characteristics by altering steering angle and power special displays in the instrument cluster that alert you to the details ofassistance at both front and rear wheels, to maximum effect. At slowerfuel consumption, as well as tips on how to extend power.Get the latest information on BMW standard and optional features, packages and technical speci cations.Visit bmwusa.com, select the BMW model of your choice, and click on Features & Specs.16 17
  10. 10. STRENGTH.Power comes in many forms and the BMW Series isto that, Dynamic Damper Control electronically and individuallyglorious proof. Start with whats under the hood: a choice ofcontrols the shock absorbers at each wheel.three TwinPower Turbo engines. One is a sporty inline six-cylinder,also harnessed in the ActiveHybrid ; another is a thundering V- ; The power of the Series can even be exercised while standing still.and the third is a re-breathing V- . All three engines deliver everyThe advanced Mobile Of ce suite delivers connectivity and controlounce of BMW muscle in stellar fashion. Matched to each is anover your schedule, contacts and communications, even providingadvanced -speed automatic transmission that further improves full speech recognition dictation for emails and voice memos. Andperformance while minimizing fuel consumption. the Bang & Olufsen High-End Surround Sound System, designed especially for the Series, puts speakers into action to create aMyriad advanced driving technologies reinforce the Series near reference-quality listening experience.position as a powerful link to the road. Driving Dynamics Controlwith ECO PRO mode lets you select from ve different presetsTaken as a whole, the impressive capabilities of the Series suggestto adjust suspension, handling and engine management. Addedtheres no task it cant perform with exceptional results.Get the latest information on BMW standard and optional features, packages and technical speci cations.Visit bmwusa.com, select the BMW model of your choice, and click on Features & Specs.20 21
  11. 11. FREEDOM. Prowess can be progressive, exhilaration can evolve. Fromthe revamped ActiveHybrid . This potent combination of BMW the beginning, the Series has always provided an ideal showcaseengine power and low emissions propulsion reduces your impact for BMWs powerplants. Today the limits are again pushed, with on the environment while ful lling your deepest driving desires. engine options that take high performance to new levels both in terms of responsiveness and responsibility. Three TwinPower TurboWith a total of nine models, three engines, and a choice of rear- choices means three opportunities to experience satisfying BMW wheel drive or the optimum traction of xDrive intelligent all-wheel acceleration and muscle, with plenty of both on tap. There is also drive, the BMW Series gives you total freedom of choice.22 23
  12. 12. horsepower. lb-ft of torque. And a - time of . seconds and high-precision direct fuel injection, the . -liter V- relies heavily nearly half a second faster than its predecessor. The BMW i, ion the advanced power of twin turbochargers to put them at the xDrive, Li and Li xDrive provide a substantial means of escape forefront of engine performance. For the ultimate expression of from the mundane world of daily driving. While harnessing the latest BMW Series power, the Li puts under your control a breathtaking BMW technology, such as Va