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2011 Subaru Outback brochure provided by Singer Subaru located in Plaistow NH. Find the 2011 Subaru Outback for sale in New Hampshire. Call about our current sales and incentives at (603) 382-7101. http://www.singersubaru.com

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  • 1. 2011OutbackSinger Subaru77 Plaistow RdPlaistow, NH 03865(603) 382-7101http://www.singersubaru.comLove. Its what makes a Subaru, a Subaru.

2. Plans are great. Stories are better.The 2011 Subaru Outback. Outback 2.5i Limited in Steel Silver Metallic. 3. New car smell soon to be replaced with wet dog smell. Itll never look as clean as it does the first day, but thats okay, because where some see smears of mud, boot scuffs, or embedded sand youll see mountain biking in Moab, the pursuit of perfect powder, and kayaking in crystal-clear water. And youll see the way your Outback, with its spacious cargo area and clever design solutions, easily handled all the gear you and your fellow adventurers needed. And how the traction and stability of Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive took on all the bad roads and worse weather along the way. Where some may see dirt, youll see another great story.Outback 2.5i Limited with Warm Ivory leather, optional Power Moonroof and Navigation Packages. 4. Love every mile.Live every moment. Getting out there. Getting going. Getting to where your life is lived. Whether youre taking a new turn or simply taking a break, we build every Subaru to help you take it all in. With Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, you have the stability and control to drive with confidence where you want, when you want. Smart features help you do more of what you live for, and award- winning safety helps you do it with assurance. Its the joy of having a car that you dont just love to drive, but one built for life. And we think thats why owners always tell us, I love my Subaru. Love. Its what makes a Subaru, a Subaru. 5. The only brand to receive Motor TrendsSport/Utility of the Year two years in a row.Thoughtfully engineered, cleverly detailed andcompetitively priced, Outback is a terrificall-rounder with broad appeal. Motor TrendOutback 2.5i Premium in Steel Silver Metallic with optional Power Moonroof Package. 6. All-road Agility | All-weather Conditions |Active Safety | Confident Handling Quicker Response There are only four small patches of rubber that keep you in control of your vehicle. The more your tires are engaged the Better Balance more control you have. Subaru keeps more power routed to all four tires than some other systems that only fully engage as aEvery Subaru is built for AWD from the ground up. This allows us to build reaction to slippage that has already occurred. a balanced, symmetrical drivetrain that is free of the extra components some other systems need to get power to all four wheels. This symmetry and balance means stability that helps make driving your Subaru safer and agility that makes it more fun.All wheels. All roads. All the time. Efficient Design Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel DriveBecause power in some systems must route through extra components, these systems not only sacrifice efficiency, but also Wherever, whenever, or however you drive, control and confidence come from onecan incur more wear and tear. Subaru routes power directly from the placewhere your tires meet the road. Subaru has spent nearly 40 years developing engine to all four wheels to keep componentsand frictional power a system to get the most of those few points of contact, for traction and control thatlossesto a minimum. will help you feel empowered on rough roads and in bad weather. A system that can make smooth roads more engaging, and can help you avoid danger with greater surety. Discover the balance and stability that Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive delivers, Learn more about the benefitsof Subaru AWD. knowing that your Subaru is ready to get you out therewherever that may be.subaru.com/awd 7. Subaru Boxer EngineBetter engines start with better ideas. Thats why we think about engines alittle differently. And its why every Subaru is powered by the SUBARU BOXERLow profile. Big difference.engine. It features a unique horizontally opposed design and symmetrical layout.The design advantages it has over V or inline engines means it providespowerful, yet smooth acceleration, while at the same time helping to create amore stable and balanced vehicle. Its an insightful difference that has the powerto make driving more engaging.Horizontally Opposed Design Smoother OperationThe pistons move in 180-degree opposition Step on the accelerator and the revsto each other on a horizontal plane, so >>>>come on smooth. While theres plentyeach naturally cancels out the vibration of of power when you need it, it neverthe piston opposite it. compromises your comfort or control.Durable ConstructionIncreased DurabilityThe engines flat design is inherentlyAn engine subjected to less vibration lastsrigid, and reduces the amount oflonger. Its no wonder 95% of Subaruvibration that V or inline engineswith >>>>vehicles built in the last 10 years are stillmore upright pistonsare subjected to on the road today.1during operation. 1 Based on R. L. Polk & Co. registration data in the U.S. 1999 to 2009.Lower Center of Gravity Greater AgilityThe flatter profile and perfectly The vehicle responds more quickly tosymmetrical design of the engine block, changes in direction, which gives a feelingand the fact that it sits lower in the>>>>of tightness in turns. And its less likelychassis, make the overall vehicle moreto become unstable during maneuvers,stably balanced and resistant to side-to- giving you an increased feeling of beingside motion than other designs. in control at all times.Find out more abouthow our engine compares. subaru.com/boxer-engineOutback 3.6R Limited in Azurite Blue Pearl with accessory heavy-duty roof cargo basket. 15 8. Ruggedly capable.Incredibly driveable.All-condition PerformanceRemote hiking trails? Muddy single track?Powdery ski runs? Whatever fills you withwanderlust, the Outback has what it takes tofill you with confidence on your journey there.Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive holds tightto virtually any surface you encounter on theway. Opt for the efficient 2.5i and get smooth,reliable performance to power you through.Or, get the 3.6R and have 256 horsepowerseamlessly on tap. If the way turns rough,4-wheel independent suspension and 8.7 inchesof ground clearance will help you take it on.And the Outback features a double-wishbonedesign rear suspension and impressive wheelarticulation to combine smooth-riding comfortwith inspiring responsiveness.Lineartronic CVTThe price of performance has just been reduced.Lineartronic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission),available on Outback 2.5i models, can save you gasmoney and shrink your carbon footprint. This innovativetechnology infinitely adjusts the transmission to matchyour acceleration needsmaintaining the optimal revrange at all times. The need to shift is removed, andvehicle momentum is preserved, thereby reducing fuelconsumption. And for tackling steep grades, or foreven more control, 6-speed manual mode and paddleshifters give you immediate access to higher revs andmore engine power.Up to 256 Horsepower | 8.7-inch Ground Clearance | Up to 29 MPG 11 EPA highway estimate. Actual mileage may vary.Outback 2.5i Premium in Graphite Gray Metallic with accessory Chrome Tailgate Trim. 9. Versatile Roof Rack|Underfloor Cargo Storage|71.3 cu. ft. Cargo Space Get out there. Fit it in here.Exclusive Roof Rack SystemWhen gear has to go on the outside, the Outback caneasily accommodate some pretty heavy-duty equipment.The easy-to-reach roof rack system will hold up to 150 Cargo Capacity pounds and can be equipped to handle just about anythingyou need to take with you. Whats more, this unique roofFrom mountain bikes to water bottles, the Outback is equipped to conveniently load all therack features retractable cross bars, which fold up and Passenger Comfortgear that goes along with embracing your adventurous side. Keep more items convenientlytuck away into the body of the integrated roof rails. Itsat hand with an array of compartments, pockets and holders. Youll have eight cup holders,The clever designs and features found on every Outbacka convenient way to reduce wind noise, improve vehiclemake getting in, getting out, and everything in betweendoor handle pockets sized perfectly for a cell phone or an MP3 player, and a two-stageaerodynamics and to avoid the problem of storing theeasier for you and your passengers. Generous legroomcenter console bin, among others. In the back, cargo hooks that fold flush when not in usecross bars when not in use. Whats more, they comein the back, plenty of hip room in the front, and spacioushelp keep items where they belong. And the underfloor cargo-area storage compartmentstandard on every Outback.headroom all around make everyone more comfortable.keeps valuables safely and discreetly stowed, as well as having a spot perfect for storing theFeatures like 60/40 folding rear seats let you haul largeretractable cargo cover.items and passengers together. And the 2011 Outbackfeatures reclining rear seats, allowing rear passengers topull a lever and enjoy ever greater comfort.Outback 3.6R Premium in Azurite Blue Pearl with accessory heavy-duty roof cargo basket and splash guards.iPod accessory not included. iPod is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. 18 10. Bluetooth Wireless Capability|harman/kardon Audio |Subaru Mobile InternetCapable, comfortableand connected. Outback 2.5i Limited with Warm Ivory leather and optional Navigation Package. Interior FeaturesEvery Outback passenger enjoys a spacious cabin with generous room to make thingscomfortable. Dual-zone automatic temperature controls, convenient steering-wheel-mounted controls and a 10-way adjustable drivers seat are available to let you customizeyour environment with ease. The available voice-activated navigation system helps you findSubaru Mobile Internetyour way, and the available 440-watt, 9-speaker harman/kardon premium audio system The accessory Subaru Mobile Internet turns yourwith standard XM Satellite Radio1