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Young marketers 3 warm up marathon [storm]

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It all startswith a smallest Young people do not like old things That young people can not connect to heritages as it is That we must forcefully translate heritage into daily moments and sentiments that BUT THEY DO Vinacaf TVC test tells that the daily moment version lost to the old, artistic one Its just the assumptions that prevent young people and ourselves from believing in and discovering the true beauty of heritage So our role is not to AVOID, but to ABSOLVE the old time less values of assumptions. By National PRIDE AWAKENING campaign AGENDA Campaign background Objective Strategic approach Deployment plan Big idea generation Measurement tracking 70% target awareness, 20000 engagement National pride connectivity Strengthen brand equity 70% TOM and 30% sales increase OBJECTIVES BACKGROUND Consumer context I have the tendency to avoid or criticize Vietnams image. Because media is bombarded with either negative or cheesy information about Vietnam. Theres a trend of returning to simplicity, originality, authenticity (organic products, true values) (the size of organic market has grown in double from 2010 till now, Economics University research 2013) Target defining: Male and female aged 18-25, ABC+, coffee drinkers, experimenters and soldiers BACKGROUND Brand context Many brands have tapped in the area of Heritage. Vinacaf also, has already run a heritage recalling program (CHAT THOI GIAN), which is a successful practice but has caused them to face the problem of being too far and too old for young people (80% of Vinacaf CHAT THOI GIAN contestants are over 30, Redder advertising quick report) BACKGROUND Timeless value context There are scandals that are masking the original beauty of Vietnam heritage (Hoi An street fee, Hanoi rude waiters, stealing habit) Vietnamese heritage tends to be calm, silent. They do not proactively speak for themselves, clarifying the scandals Its TIME to Change the conversation Freshen the story Release the hidden PRIDE Insight Driver Barrier The love for Vietnam, especially my own hometown has been nourished in me through my journey of growing up, subconsciously. As life gets faker, I turn back to appreciate the truth, the authentic values Media has incepted assumptions about Vietnam and its heritage in me. I am young and fresh. Heritage is old and boring, We do not speak the same language. The true beauty of my hometown is being masked by assumptions. And I will surely speak up with love to defense my hometowns authenticity. Insight Nescaf: Coffee for everyone G7: Strong inspiration from coffee Vinacaf: We are different, because we are the heritage of Vietnam that has been loyal to our authentic values through times. The signature light, full taste does not need big words to prove its attraction. Brand role Awakenauthentic moments in life with authentic taste that lived on through times. Vinacaf is the symbol of authenticity Heritages authentic beauty is masked behind assumptions As life gets faker, young people turn back to appreciate the truth, the authentic values AUTHENTICITY ABSOLVENT CONCERTO ofBig idea On the platform of art performance Where Vinacaf empowers young people to absolve their beloved hometown of assumptions Leveraging their own authentic talents to release the authentic beauty of Vietnam Preface I love my hometown unconsciously and deeply Insight Strategic approach Ignite their hometown love by letting heritage scream out calling for absolvent I am incepted with assumptions about heritage. I appreciate authentic values Engage them in the journey of using their own talent to absolve their hometown heritage with Vinacaf I do not speak the same language with heritage Award them with the role of heritage speakers, keeping the story of heritage young and fresh and live on Awaken authentic moments in life with authentic taste that lived on through times. CONCERTO FLOW Prelude Interlude Postlude Ignite hometown love Call for action Celebrate and leave a legacy Lets absolve the heritage, exposing their authentic beauty with VNC Heritage is hurt by assumptions Lets celebrate the authentic beauty of Vietnam HOI AN absolvent dance Authentic beauty contest Authentic Vietnam concert Viral clip, press conference SEO, SEM Social seeding, PR articles Social contest SEO, SEM Social seeding, PR articles Concert PR articles TV capturing objective Message Hook Tactic Media touch points Vietnamese disappointed Tourists annoyed Ancient town abandoned The rumor that Hoi An forces visitors to pay to walk in ancient town makes Why Hoi An? Fee is only applied on certain landmarks, tourist who comes to Hoi An can still enjoy ancient town without paying any fee. But the true beauty can not speak for itself. It is abandoned. But the TRUTH is Making Hoi Ans young hearts feel hurt, unfair and want to take action to absolve Hoi An, by HOIAN Absolvent dance Prelude Phase 1 A group of Hoi An young people will dress up and body-paint to camouflage on the walls of ancient town When the musicraises, they start to move. The dance and music is the cry of Ancient town, telling how hurtful and injustice the rumor was, calling people to turn back to see the true beauty of Hoi An. The dance sweeps the town! Recap into a video and go viral Angles for advertorials and editorials: - The mesmerizing dance of Young Hoian-ese - absolving their hometown - There are lots of bad assumptions about Vietnam, masking its true beauty - Young people with their stamina are the only to draw social attraction, bring justice Influencers sharing The authentic beauty of Vietnam is endangered, not only Hoi An, but many other heritages are being misunderstood, abandoned. Only Vinacaf is relevant to this, because we are the symbol of authentic values, we awake and nourish authentic beauty of Vietnam. Now we call young people to step in with us, together we bring Vietnam beauty back to life. It is nowVINACAF sees its role. Vinacaf jumps in with a press conference Launching the AUTHENTIC VIETNAM contest Ana Mandara Hoi An Vinacaf representative Vietnam Student Union, YanTV My Linh, Hoai Linh, John Huy Representatives of art performing clubs nationwide Objective Location Attendee AUTHENTIC VIETNAM Contest Interlude Phase 2 A playground for young people to show their free-style art performance (whatever the art is, like Vietnams got talent), inspired by the authentic beauty of their hometowns heritage Contest description BOARD OF JUDGES Mechanism Young people to submit their video to Vinacaf Youtube channel. Call for votes. 5 most voted of the week will be aired on YanTV and receive 3mil VND 10 most voted at the end of the contest will be featured in the gala finale concert and the best will receive 50mil VND, become VNC ambassador 2 months How our target audience engage into the project at each step? Show their talents through videos Sharing, voting, updating, watching Follow, update, discuss the results People mock the accent of QUANG NGAI people Rapping in QUANG NGAI accent People says Hue is calm and boring Breakdance of Hue People thinks Hanoi waiters always yell at customers The song of Hanoi yelling voice It can bring us simple but unique performance that goes viral easily AUTHENTIC VIETNAM Gala Concert Postlude Phase 3 The finale of our contest - A celebration of Vietnamese authentic beauty, where we show our beauty to the world and leave a legacy to continue reminding young people to love Vietnam Concert description The concert will be hell at Ha Long, and live report on Television Concert description On each peak of mountain, from under the water, our contestants raise up and perform in the natural heritage of Vietnam Judges to decide who wins who will become VNC ambassador Announce our AUTHENTIC VIETNAM fund Ticket redemption: buy VNC, lucky draw AUTHENTIC VIETNAM FUND A fund raised by Vinacaf that will annually hold or sponsor activities that maintain the connection between heritage and youth KPIs Submission Vote VNC TOM and sales increase 200 2000,000 70% - 30% BUDGET ALLOCATION Prelude Interlude Postlude 1 billion 15 billion 14 billion STO RM Thank you.