Winners & Finalists : 2016 Royal Society Publishing Photography Competition

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Winners & Finalists : 2016 Royal Society Publishing Photography Competition1

Overall winner and category winner: Behaviour. "Dancing with stars" by Imre Poty2

Category winner: Ecology and Environmental Science. "In a world without colour" by Tane Sinclair-Taylor.3

Category winner: Micro-imaging. "In balance" by Mara Carbajo Snchez. 4

Category winner: Evolutionary Biology. "Departing eagle ray" by Nick Robertson-Brown5

Runner up: Behaviour. "In search of food" by Jonathan Diaz-Marba6

Runner up: Ecology and Environmental Science. "Les artistes" by Tegwen Gadais7

Runner up: Micro-imaging. "The spiralled snake axis" by Tyler Square8

Runner up: Evolutionary Biology. "Polychaetous worm with engine and wagons" by Fredrik Pleijel9

Special commendation (Publishers choice). "Speeding divergence" by Prasenjeet Yadav10

Special commendation. "Carbon nanotube jellyfish" by Clare Collins11

Special commendation. "Fubuki (snow storm)" by Alexandre Bonnefoy12

Special commendation. "Butterflies and caiman" by Mark Cowan13

Finalists 201614

Behaviour"Whale Shark Snack" by Lindsey Dougherty15

"Departure to the sea" by Kozue Shiomi16

"The living harpoon" by Jonathan Daz Marb17

"Dad and her Eggs" by Walter Bassi18

"Wedding night" by Imre Poty19

"Army of me" by Serban Proches20

"The last fight" by Prasenjeet Yadav21

"Diva Langur" by Bruno Pleno22

"Laikipia jackals" by Jonathan Armstrong.23

"Mass of tadpoles" by Yavanna Aartsma24

"A New Home" by Nick Robertson-Brown25

Evolutionary Biology"Masters of camouflage: where the moss ends the frog begins" by Andrius Paukonis26

"Extravagant ornament of female mosquitoes in the rainforest" by Andrius Paukonis27

"Filtering the colour from the water" by Aaron Eger28

"Sandy" by Fabio Pupin29

"A signature on the sand" by Fabio Pupin30

"Falling down is not always bad" by Gustavo Pazmio31

"Uncovering the secrets of deep diving devil rays" by Tane Sinclair-Taylor32

"Same hands" by Matthew Jarvis33

"A Darwin finch perches on a marine iguana" by Kiyoko Gotanda34

"Parasitised ant" by Ehoarn Bidault35

"Life in a pouch" by Valentina Mella36

"Bocaccio and sunrays" by Scott GabaraEcology and Environmental Science37

"Hello" by Rachael Bonoan38

"Western bluebirds at the edge" by Robert Lalonde39

"Earth-boring dung beetle carrying phoretic mites" by Tom Ratz40

"War on a piece of kelp" by Fredrik Pleijel41

"The beach in blue" by Joan Josep Soto Angel42

"Mushroom power in Peruvian rainforest" by Andrius Paukonis43

"Adaptation" by Jonathan Daz Marb44

"Messenger in a bottle" by Simon Gingins45

"At night" by Roberto Garca Roa46

"Frozen dinner" by Jonathan Armstrong47

"Safety in numbers" by Alex Borowicz48

Micro-imaging"SEM Brochosomes" by Steve Gschmeissner49

"SEM Hairy bitercress" by Steve Gschmeissner50

"SEM T lymphocytes and cancer cell" by Steve Gschmeissner51

"SEM Skin wound" by Steve Gschmeissner52

"SEM Springtail" by Steve Gschmeissner53

"SEM Sperm in the epididymis" by Steve Gschmeissner54

"Vascular tree of the human fetus with Micro-CT" by Guillaume Captier55

"All the better to see you with: The compound eyes of a tiny predatory fly" by Trevor Wardill56

"HeLa cells" by Kevin Mackenzie57

"The cranial anatomy of a diceCT imaged ratsnake in frontal view" by Paul Gignac58

"Finding scientific inspiration in the eyes of nature" by Tane Sinclair-Taylor59

"Hanging on by a drop" by Merlin FoxSeptember 19, 2016 Kaohsiung Taiwan R.O.CAll photos were taken from Royal Society. Music : Bandari - SnowdreamTHE END60