Welcome to At Dusk(atdusk.com.au) Sydney wedding photography – candid, natural and beautiful wedding photography by Chris Prestidge, based in Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia. www.atdusk.com.auAustralian wedding photographer

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Sydney wedding photographer

Sydney wedding photographer

About us :- At dusk photography is passionate about delivering beautiful photographs, its not just about the end result, but the process and we want to make this as enjoyable as possible for you. We are genuinely interested in creating a connection with you, making you feel comfortable with us and our cameras and providing you with images that make you feel great about yourself. Our aim is to give you fresh, honest, vibrant images that are as unique as you are. No cheese.We work as a cohesive team on our shoots and there are always two photographers on location at our weddings. We aim to have a male and female shooter on each location, to bring the male/female perspective into the mix.We like to incorporate the environment, and on location we seek out the best natural lighting and backdrops in which to place you and then wait to capture the feeling and human connection to tell your story and take you back to that moment in time.Our cameras of choice are Canons best available digital SLR bodies and lenses. Whilst we keep retouching to a minimum, the textures and beautiful tones which can be achieved through contemporary processing tecniques also play a part in the final outcome of our images.

Australian wedding photographer

Engagement photography Sydney

Lifestyle photographer Sydney

Award-winning photographer, Chris Prestidge, owner and principle photographer of at dusk photography, is based seaside in Tamarama Beach, Sydney, Australia .Chris is inspired by the power of a photograph as not just a static image, but an emotional experience. Chriss personal work reflects his love for the ocean, exploring seascapes, seaculture and people of diverse cultures. His aim is to capture the natural beauty and energy of the sea, as well as celebrate the lifestyle which surrounds the sea. Most photographs capture the shifting mood of dusk, where light and atmosphere have a certain magic. Chris also has a passion for travel, and this exploration is also the subject of many of the images

location :- Australia

Facebook :- https://www.facebook.com/atduskpinterest :- https://www.pinterest.com/chrisprestidge/instagram :- http://instagram.com/atdusk

website :- http://www.atdusk.com.au/

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