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Digital Calandars, Greeting Card, Printing Services, Wedding & Portrait Photography Services Provided by

Wedding & Portrait Photography Services Provided by

PCL West Imaging

PCL West opened its doors in January 1989 in Downtown Los Angeles with theintention of becoming a photographic leader and a nationally recognized photo lab.PCL West was started by Victor Fujikake, who after having served overseas Active Duty in the United States Army came home with a love for photography and the drive to learn the photography business. He was hired by Mike Trerotola at Alfa Color in Los Angeles, Ca, which at that time was nationally known for its quality and service.

Press Printed Products

Greeting Cards:-Sometimes a photo is best for an announcement, a birth or engagement and the best way to show off that photo is with a press printed greeting card. With a variety of sizes, you'll be able to give your customers exactly what they'd like to send out to family and friends. Using the My Digital Cards and Calandars software, you'll be able to choose from a variety of templates and backgrounds. While, using ROES will allow you to drop in a pre-designed template and easily order prints to go along with the order.Press Printed Books:-A Press Printed Book is a great cost-effective option for a parent album to pair with a flush mount album from the Avant Garde series. The pages of the Press Printed Book are thinner but display the album photos just as brightly.Novelty Products

Increase the applications for your photos and increase your sales on the way. There's a large assortment of products to truly give your customers what they're looking for, now you just have to choose what to show!Every mom loves to have a portrait of their child on a mug- "a mug on a mug" perfect!The glossy finish of the plaques will pop the color of your images and let them shine and with no frame required, they're ready to hang or sit on the desktop.

Print Services

All of our production employees undergo rigorous training with color and the software requirements to make the finest images possible. You will not spend precious time calling us for corrections.All our printing machinesare color matched so, you will not need to worry that large prints will match small prints. Your entire order will look the same and you will look your best to your client.

Wedding Albums DetailsEach of our flush mount albums is individually, handmade made. All prints are carefully color matched and bound using glues that do not harm color stability. All the prints are made on professional paper, not a cheap consumer alternative. The images are then bound using only the finest leathers or unique photographic techniques we can purchase. We package them carefully to insure they arrive to you without damage and are ready to give to your client.Once your client sees our albums, they will be confirmed that they have chosen a photographer with taste, one who knows quality and delivers only the finest. We make you look like you want to be seen with integrity.

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