Urban landscape photography

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  1. 1. Urban Landscape Photography
  2. 2. History The photographing of urban life started in the late 1800s John Thomson was the first to document urban life with his magazine titled Street Life in London
  3. 3. Eugene Atget
  4. 4. Subfields of Urban Landscape Photography Cityscape Photography: When the whole city is captured using clean and polished lines. Architectural Photography: Focuses in on a specific building or a group of buildings in and effort to document the citys architecture. Street Photography: Documents the life or the people living and interacting within the city. Attempting to showcase the culture of the city.
  5. 5. Andrew Prokos
  6. 6. Spencer McDonald
  7. 7. James Blakeway
  8. 8. Tom Manley
  9. 9. Peter J Sieger
  10. 10. Jim Kruger
  11. 11. Deborah Julian
  12. 12. Alison McCauley
  13. 13. David Solomon
  14. 14. Urban Landscape vs. Documentary Photography Urban landscape photography is closely related to Documentary photography but there are some differences. It doesn't chronicle significant events that are historical in nature. Its a little disorganized in that images of random cites, building and people are taken with no specific intent or knowledge of the persons life. Tends to focus on the present.