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  • 1. Landscape

2. When we think of landscape we probably first think of paintings or photography that includes fields, trees, plants and so on what we might call rural or countryside images 17th century Landscape paintings by Claude Lorrain 3. Fay Godwin 4. Fay Godwin 5. Ansel Adams 6. Ansel Adams 7. Charlie Waite 8. Charlie Waite 9. But landscape in its wider context or meaning can include views within towns and cities 10. Such as these picturesque views of London and Venice by Canaletto (1697-1768) 11. Or these Victorian paintings of twilight city life 12. This photograph of London from around 1900 is a type of landscape . what we might call a cityscape or urban landscape. 13. Beate Gutschow is a contemporary photographer producing images of our modern urban landscape 14. Beate Gutschow 15. But landscape can have an even wider context or meaning than the natural or build environment 16. Edward Weston 17. Edward Weston 18. Allan I Teger 19. Allan I Teger 20. Carl Warner 21. Carl Warner