Tips on taking good photos

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Digital Photography

tips on taking good photos1

Eight Tips of Good Photo-Taking

You probably have noticed by now that some of your photographs seem to turn out very well and others do not.

Here are some guidelines to help you take stronger photographs.2

#1: Camera Shake

Avoid blurry photos (called camera-shake) by holding the camera steady. Use a tripod or flat surface if possible.


#2: Clutter

Avoid cluttered photos limit your focus on small groups of objects & move closer to your subject matter when possible.4

#3: Vertical or Horizontal

Sometimes a photo looks better taken horizontally, and sometimes a photo looks better taken vertically. Try both!


#4: Different Angles

Instead of always taking pictures at your eye level, try using different angles (such as the eye level of the subject matter). BUT avoid always using the MYSPACE SHOT!


#5: Dont Pose

Instead of making everyone say cheese try to capture people in the moment (candids) this makes for a more interesting shot. 7

#6: Use Lighting

Instead of relying solely on the cameras flash, trying finding natural light or interesting light sources. This will help you avoid washed out images.


#7: Look & Repeat!

One of the advantages of digital photography is that you can see exactly what your images will look like on the LCD screen. If it doesnt look right, take more! And more!


#8: Tell the Story

Combine the previous tips to tell a story. The best images have the basic elements of a story: characters, plot, setting, etc. Keep the story clear, concise and meaningful.