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Tilt-Shift PhotographyTilt shift photography is a photographic genre where the camera is manipulated so that a real, life sized location or subject looks like a minuture scale model. The camera is often tilted for selective focus with a specialised lens to simulate the miniture scene or the process is completed with photoshop

Tutorialhttp://www.tiltshiftphotography.net/tilt-shift-photography-photoshop-tutorial/ The photo must be taken from above, but not directly overhead.This only reflects what someone taking a photo of a miniature scene would likely do; its unlikely they would (or even could) be level to the subject. If you have a direct over shot, you wont be able to get a decent depth of field that is required. A simple scene is usually better than a complicated one.This is because miniature scenes are usually very simple; you wouldnt find a dense city block, for example, in a model railroad scene. Photo sharpness is a must, as well as good lighting.There will be enough blur in the photo as it is; your focal point must be sharp. If people are in the scene, they need to be fairly obscure and small.Again, reflecting what youd see in a real miniature scene. People are very small, and not well detailed in miniature scenery. Generally, avoid wide shots, and make sure the scene is interesting for instance, an aerial photo of a cathedral with spires and flying buttresses is interesting, while an aerial photo of a flat-topped shopping mall would not be.