The best famous cityscape artists

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  1. 1. Artworks-and-auctions
  2. 2. About us With our background of publishing original fine art editions in lithography, serigraphy and etching by world famous, as well as emerging artists, we have established relationships with artists from all over the world and would like the opportunity to present them to you on these pages.
  3. 3. Original, Signed Pastel Drawings of Two Famous Scenes RODEO DRIVE, L.A MONTMARTRE, PARIS Kamil Kubik's paintings, pastels and art graphics are world renowned and are in the collections of Presidents and royalty. President Bush Sr. and President Bush Jr. are both avid collectors of his fine art and so is anyone who appreciates beautiful Impressionist works.
  4. 4. SKATING IN CENTRAL PARK The famous Wollman Skating Rink in Central Park, NY is depicted in an impressionist print by Kubik. This typical winter scene will make beautiful home or office decor.
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