Suprematism: Famous Abstract Art Paintings

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  1. 1. Suprematism: Famous Abstract Art Paintings
  2. 2. Suprematism is one of the famous abstract art form which emerged as a result of an art movement. The Art style was originally formed by Kazimir Malevich of Russia in the year 1913. This art form can be characterized by basic geometric patterns such as circles, squares, lines and rectangles painted with less variety of colors. Introduction
  3. 3. The term Suprematism means an abstract art created to highlight the supremacy of the feelings of an artist in its purest form. This famous abstract art genre refrains from using the objects of visual depiction and depends on the geometric shapes to present the feelings. Meaning
  4. 4. There are many paintings that will give one an idea of this Suprematism movement. Read the next slides to know about those prominent paintings. Famous Suprematism Artworks
  5. 5. The painter himself mentioned that this painting is a mystical trance under the influence of cosmic consciousness. This painting has many connotations, debates and arguments around it. It just had a black square on the canvas and nothing else. Kazimir Malevich made this in the year 1913, to free art from the dead weight of the real world, by taking refuge in the form of this square. Black Square by Kazimir Malevich
  6. 6. "The white" was a representation of the unmatched state reached through Suprematism. This painting can be seen as the final, complete stage of his "transformation in the form of Zero," since form has almost literally been reduced to nothing. White Square on White by Kazimir Malevich
  7. 7. The white color of the canvas has invalidated any sense of traditional perspective, leaving the viewer to envisage in its "infinite" space. The painting was also the expression of Malevich's hopes for the creation of a new world under Communism, a world that can lead to spiritual and material freedom.
  8. 8. She applied her own personal interpretation to Suprematism. Her interest in fabrics led her to concentrate on textural effects. Rozanova's ability to employ delicate tonal contrasts has come out in the best way through this painting. Color Painting by Olga Rozanova
  9. 9. The painting uses shape, positioning and color in keeping with the movement's principles, especially the "color" phase of the movement. More interestingly, the poster reveals propagandistic intentions in its representation of the struggle between the revolutionary "reds" and the conservative "whites" in Russia. El Lissitzky described his own brand of Suprematism as Prounism. Beat the Whites with the Red Edge by El Lissitzky
  10. 10. Malevich debuted his ideas in the opera. Just as Futurism aimed at a total renewal of Russian culture, so Suprematism claimed to succeed all art movements that have gone prior to it. Study for Dcor of Victory over the Sun by Kazimir Malevich
  11. 11. Malevich's designs for the opera marked a major break with theatrical agreement, since they were neither embellished nor did they demonstrate a comprehensible scene. The strange darkness in the painting aligns well with the belief that the opera was about Victory, over the old accepted concept of the beautiful sun.
  12. 12. Nevertheless, it is quite evident that all of the famous abstract art works were made by Kazimir Malevich. One needs a free mind without any pre- conceived notions of art to accept these paintings as for many this is the most unacceptable and strangest art form ever. End Note
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