Still photography introduction

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The basics and misconceptions about still photography.


<ul><li> Still Photography Introduction by Angad Joshi </li> <li> Introduction Who Am I? What is Still Photography? Few words from your side </li> <li> What do people think of photography Photography is really a piece of cake Photos should be clicked to post on Social-Networks Having a costly camera is all about photography, particularly a DSLR All these are absolute misconceptions </li> <li> Our Syllabus Understanding DSLR Camera Camera Sensors Understanding Camera Exposure (Aperture/ ISO / Shutter speed) Understanding Camera Lenses Auto Focus and Manual Focus White Balance Understanding High Dynamic Range </li> <li> Lets find out what a click can do... </li> <li> Angad Joshi Photography +91 78 75 922 757 Events | Portfolios | Weddings | Food Photography </li> </ul>