Sending your digital photos to walgreen’s

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A step-by-step tutorial on how to upload your digital files to Walgreen's for printing.


  • 1. by Janet LewisJanet Lewis Consulting

2. Stores everywhere but you could dothe same thing with Wal-Mart, Woodmans, and more Lots of fun options: printing yourpictures, making calendars, photobooks, cards, cups, mugs, mousepads and more 3. When you want a physical picture to bringsomewhere and show your friends When you want to surprise someone and mailthem your pictures When you want to send someone apersonalized present that displays yourphotography When you want to share your pictures onlineand make it so others that you choose canlog in and see your photos 4. 5. Register 6. First & Last NamePassword musthave a number 7. Sign in 8. Plug in your camera toyour computer and turn it on, or insert your media card or somehow locate your pictures. Keepclicking until you see the list of your pictures. 9. To select ALL of the pictures: Ctrl-A on keyboardTo select random pictures: Ctrl clickTo select a chunk of pictures that are next to each other:Click on first picture, then hold down the Shift key andclick on last picture 10. You can share for freeif you want, otherwiseclick on X to close this window and continueto ordering 11. Click on SelectAll or on individualpictures 12. Choosequantityand size.Click on Add toCart 13. Proceed to checkout 14. After you click on the Submit button, you willreceive an email from Walgreens indicatingthat they received your order. Good luck! Janet Lewis


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