Portrait Photography for Beginners

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Portrait photography tips by Cynthia Coons


  • 1. Portrait Photography for Beginners By Cynthia Coons

2. Portraiture

  • [pohr-tri-cher]
  • The art of making a likeness of a person or animal, especially the face


  • Keep your background simple to avoid distraction from your subject

Location 4. Lighting

  • The easiest light to start with is daylight
  • Take your subject outside

5. Portrait v.s. Landscape

  • Try turning your camera
  • Dont always use landscape

6. Leading Lines

  • Point the viewers eyes to your subject

7. Rule of Thirds

  • Keep your subject out of the direct centre

8. Framing

  • Use elements of the foreground to frame your shot

9. Fill the Frame

  • Move in closer. When you think youre close enough, move in some more!

10. Universal Appeal

  • Try to capture a feeling
  • (i.e. sentiment)

11. Creativity

  • Try a different point of view; get up high or get on the ground


  • Be patient!
  • Keep practicing!

Thank you! All photos Cynthia & Jonathan Coons