Places Where You Shouldn’t Hang Modern Art Paintings

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  1. 1. Places Where You Shouldnt Hang Modern Art Paintings
  2. 2. Mostly we discuss about the places in your home where you can hang paintings in order to amplify the appeal of the space. However, it is more important to gain an understanding of the places where you should avoid hanging paintings at any cost. If you happen to place your expensive modern paintings in these places, then it can end up damaging them to a great extent. Extreme conditions are detrimental for the artworks and in order to maintain their beauty you need to cautious with the places where you hang them. Introduction
  3. 3. Climatic conditions can harm your modern art paintings in more ways than one. Some damages can be so fatal that it can leave the painting scared forever. Cracking, black spots and fungal growth are common due to prolonged exposure to humidity and sunshine. The effects of these harms are difficult to reverse and once done they can seriously affect the value of your masterpiece. What possible damages can happen?
  4. 4. There are certain places where you should avoid hanging expensive modern art paintings by all means. These locations are extremely detrimental for the overall wellbeing of the paintings. As they are a precious piece of investment, any kind of damage to them can cause a huge variation in its value. Placing modern paintings in these locations might add beauty to the place, but can affect the life of the painting. Hence, try adorning these places with other works of art and let paintings be safe in better places. Places to avoid
  5. 5. You need Vitamin D, your painting doesnt! Hanging your painting at a place where it is directly exposed to the sunlight can do far more damage than what you can think. A bright shining sun can alter the colour levels and bring in variation in its depth and constitution. Over a period of time, the colours might fade away and the painting can end up losing its sheen. Walls having direct exposure to sunlight
  6. 6. Air conditioners are known for their cooling effect, but along with this cooling comes an incessant supply of water molecules in the air which can poison the life of your modern art paintings. These water molecules are harmful for the painting as when they come in contact with the surface, they condense and turn in to the liquid form of water which is toxic enough to scar your investment. Thus, avoid placing modern paintings at a place where they come in direct contact with an air conditioner. Walls opposite air conditioner
  7. 7. As discussed in the previous point, humidity is fatal for the health of your paintings. The place where there is a constant exposure to moisture is the bathroom itself. It might sound a bit awkward, but people actually like hanging paintings on their bathroom walls in order to amplify the look of the place further. Due to the huge quantities of water present in the washroom, there is a lot of moisture and bacteria in there. The combination of these two is lethal and is enough to strangulate the beauty of a marvellous artwork. Bathroom walls
  8. 8. There is no need to mention the amount of damage which smoke can cause to a painting. Hanging a painting in the smoking area is a perfect suicide plan for your beautiful modern paintings. This zone is filled with toxic gases like CO2 and nicotine which can reduce the life of your painting to a great extent. Smoking isnt just harmful for you, it is equally detrimental for your painting as well! Walls in the smoking area
  9. 9. Hanging modern art paintings above the entrance can look like a perfect idea, especially when the painting is of a religious deity. This can be good according to Vaastu, but it is disadvantageous for the life of the painting. The paintings placed here face a lot of extreme climatic condition which damages them beyond repair. Above the entrance
  10. 10. Kitchen is the most dangerous place for precious modern art paintings especially the oil based ones. There are all sorts of smoke, moisture and gases which can end up creating problems for the painting. Kitchen area
  11. 11. In the aforementioned areas modern art paintings shouldnt be placed. However, this doesnt mean that you cant decorate these places. Try sculptures and wall prints as they are also a great way to breathe in life and the surrounding wont damage them either. Conclusion
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