Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

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Learn about how to use peer-to-peer fundraising to help your nonprofit in the Fundraising Day NY 2012 presentation!

Text of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

1. Optimize and Innovate Peer-to-Peer EventsTweet this! #FRDNY 2. Presenters Melissa Lee Kelley Stewart Account Director Vice President SankyNet Pursuant Ketchum @expetesso @twitterhandleTweet this! #FRDNY 3. What is Peer to Peer?Forget about Best Practices.Forget about your Competition.Before you get excited, ask:What role does Peer to Peer play in MY portfolio?Tweet this! #FRDNY 4. Acquisition KelleyTweet this! #FRDNY 5. Conversion Prospects Active Participants Prospects, in this sense, are: Registered Leaders who arent recruiting Registered Participants who arent fundraisingTweet this! #FRDNY 6. Conversion Prospects Active Participants Provide access to information & tools via low-touch vehiclesTweet this! #FRDNY 7. Conversion Prospects Active Participants Then follow-up via high-touch vehicles to gauge effectiveness Indicate what youve observed. Give the person time to respond with information. Score their response, and support them as necessary.Tweet this! #FRDNY 8. Reactivation Lapsed Participants Active Participants 1. Assume everyone will lapse. 2. Begin reactivation efforts immediately with the post-event Thank You. 3. Score as you go. Event After Party Post-Event Thank You Survey about the Event Social Media touches Email Invitation series Direct Mail Invitation (singular or series) Telephone InvitationTweet this! #FRDNY 9. Reactivation Lapsed Participants Active Supporters If scoring indicates that a contact will not reactivate as a participant, focus your efforts on winning them to the organization in new ways. Survey about the Organization Connect them to staff or volunteers DO NOT sit on lapsed participants whom you know to be organizational prospects.Tweet this! #FRDNY 10. Upgrade Peer to Peer Donor Organization Donor Peer-to-Peer donors usually have an affinity to your cause, but they give to their friends, not to your organization. So dont treat them like your donors. Take some time to cultivate them independently, first.Tweet this! #FRDNY 11. Upgrade Peer to Peer Donor Organization Donor Thank them for what theyve done. Acknowledge the connection totheir friend. Build a connection to the peoplewho benefit from your organization.Tweet this! #FRDNY 12. Upgrade Peer to Peer Donor Organization Donor Tell stories about your work. Track the interest and engagementof individuals over time. Which story attracted attention from your peer-to-peer donor? Use the information to target your appeal. Use what you learn to inform verytargeted appeals 6 months later.Tweet this! #FRDNY 13. Analytics KelleyTweet this! #FRDNY 14. Innovation KelleyTweet this! #FRDNY 15. Prioritization KelleyTweet this! #FRDNY