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  1. 1. TONY FLOREZ Tony Florezs style stems from his Fashion background and Artistic lifestyle, respected worldwide in his field. He has photographed many Celebrity weddings such as comedian and star of George Lopez Show George Lopez, musician Rob Zombie, Ultimate fighting champion tito Ortiz, Bassist of the band Korn, Reggie Arvizu, and superstar Gladys Knight. He has also photographed events in the lives of Nicolas Cage, Tommy Lee, Mayte, Lisa Marie Presley, Johnny Ramone, Heather Locklear, The William Lyon family, Bob Newhart, Pittsburg Steeler star Terry Bradshaw, Hall and Oates, Sam Donaldson and Johnny Carson. Tony has photographed around the Globe including Europe, The South Pacific, and the Americas. Teaching across the country and giving workshops at his studio in Corona del Mar, California, he constantly pushes himself to create new and dramatic images. He has joined forces with legendary photographer Gary Bernstein to present his teachings on Zuga TV throughout the world. Website :