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<ul><li><p>Factors In Becoming A NYC Professional </p><p>Portrait Photographer </p><p>===&gt;::</p></li><li><p>today must not only be masters of their craft, they have to be masters of the cutting edge equipment. </p><p>When pairing technical skills with the right equipment, professional photographers set themselves up to </p><p>capture an </p><p>excellent portrait </p><p>of a subject. </p><p>With competition </p><p>at its highest, </p><p>the New York </p><p>Headshot </p><p>photographer </p><p>must not only be </p><p>a master of craft </p><p>and have the </p><p>newest </p><p>technology; they </p><p>must also be </p><p>able to direct </p><p>their clients in a way that provides clients with an opportunity to explore self in front of the camera. </p><p>Creating the </p><p>right </p><p>environment </p><p>can be a tricky </p><p>thing, but if </p><p>you want to </p><p>capture a </p><p>portrait that </p><p>has </p><p>lookability </p><p>each </p><p>photographer </p><p>must figure </p><p>out their own </p><p>personal way </p><p>of working and </p><p>unique style </p><p>that will bring their subjects to life in the most honest way possible. Hopefully this will create the right </p><p>ingredients necessary to allow each client to feel comfortable and seen in front of the camera. There are </p><p></p></li><li><p>so many factors to consider but on a basic level, when combining the right equipment, craft and working </p><p>environment the </p><p>photographer is </p><p>now ready to create </p><p>something special </p><p>with his or her </p><p>client. </p><p>As noted, to be a </p><p>Professional </p><p>Headshots </p><p>Manhattan </p><p>photographer you </p><p>must have the right </p><p>camera equipment </p><p>to capture stunning </p><p>portraits. Does it need to be the most expensive? The short answer is no. It is good for photographers to </p><p>know that DSLR cameras have advanced in a way that allows even inexpensive cameras to have the </p><p>ability to capture a beautiful image. If the photographer understands how to work with light and how to </p><p>direct their subjects, the result, with a more inexpensive camera, can still provide an image that will allow </p><p>for professional </p><p>work. </p><p>Some factors </p><p>professional </p><p>headshot </p><p>photographers </p><p>must consider are </p><p>locations and </p><p>backgrounds </p><p>ideal for subjects. </p><p>It is worth noting </p><p>that there are no </p><p>perfect </p><p>backgrounds. All </p><p>professional </p><p></p></li><li><p>photographers must find their own unique style that sets them </p><p>apart. If lifestyle backgrounds are your thing, go for it, find the </p><p>way in which it works. Others will opt for solid background </p><p>colors. There is no right or wrong. Explore and find what fits </p><p>your artistic esthetic. </p><p>There is no formula or science to becoming a Professional </p><p>Portrait Photographer. The best advice is always shoot </p><p>subjects every day. The more you work, the better you get. It </p><p>is easy to forget this and get caught up in reading articles or </p><p>watching videos, but the real learning happens when working </p><p>with your clients. </p><p>Being a NYC Headshot Photographer requires a tremendous </p><p>amount of talent, hard work and a desire to work with people. </p><p>Competition is fierce but stay true to yourself and your art and </p><p>you will find your way. </p><p>Todd Estrin is a Brooklyn based headshot photographer specializing in working with actors. </p><p>Understanding how actors inherently think has allowed for honesty and vulnerability in the room. He is </p><p>original in his approach to finding the real you. </p><p>About Todd Estrin Photography: </p><p>Located at Adams Street in Brooklyn, New York, Todd Estrin is a </p><p>photographer who specializes in headshots for actors. He </p><p>discovered his passion for portrait photography while working with </p><p>a group of kids in Madagascar. While there Todd learned the </p><p>extraordinary gift and power of seeing someone and capturing </p><p>who they are with a camera. To experience simply being yourself </p><p>in front of the camera contact him at his website </p><p> or email him at: </p><p> </p><p></p></li><li><p>Peekay Studios: </p><p>85 Adams Street Suite 11C </p><p>Brooklyn, NY, 11201 </p><p>United States </p><p>============================== </p><p>Follow Us </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p></p></li></ul>