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  1. 1. Not-to-dothingsinnewbornphotography One of the most interesting fields in the photography is capturing moments of the new born baby. It is an amazing feeling to watch those babies. If you are photographer, you would love reading this. United Kingdom -- -- Jul 11, 2014 -- All of us have heard of the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words". Photos let us treasure the memories forever. There are several types of photography in demand nowadays; wedding and location photography, to name a few. The trend of boudoir photography in Glasgow is increasing at fast pace. There are several people who want to turn their photography hobby into the profession. They want to start the business or the studio of their own. There are people who specialise baby bump photography in Glasgow and other areas of the U.K. There are some common mistakes that most people make while taking pictures of the new born babies. So, here is the list of those commonly made blunders. 1. No flash: One of the most commonly made mistakes is to use flash. If you want your images to turn out great, do not use flash. The harsh light of the flash scares kids. If they start crying out of fright, you will have to end the session then and there itself. 2. Safety first: Another blunder is to put the babies on to the towers, suitcases or inside the baskets. 'The babies are too small to move themselves' is a myth. You never know when they will turn and fall down. This will result into a disaster. So, instead of making the babies sit on the height, which is dangerous big time. 3. No poses: You can't expect them to give a pose; let them do whatever they want. Capturing their natural actions is always a good idea. 4. Low voice: Talking loud can also scare a kid; so you need to be extra soft and polite while giving Page 1 of 2
  2. 2. instruction to the parents. All you need to do is remain patient; the more patient you will be, better the pictures you will be able to click. If you are in the search of the newborn and baby photography in Glasgow, without checking out anywhere else, go straight away to George Miller is one of the most popular photographers in the U.K. that deals with wedding, new born, portrait as well as location photography. Contact Information: Name: George Miller Company: George Miller Photography Telephone: 07825335328 Powered by TCPDF ( Page 2 of 2