Noel 24122011

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Le hoi Noel tai DH Hoa Sen 24-12-2011


<ul><li> Lo 10 CVPMQT Q12 </li> <li> CHNG TRNH Thi Thi Thi TrangThi Thi Tro Tro TrAm Vanthc Chi Chi Leu Nghe Nam ong Giang N oi Sinh </li> <li> NOEL 2011 </li> <li> May your holiday season beblessed with peace, love and joy.Sending you my heartfelt wishes with joy that never ends. Have a Merry Christmas. </li> <li> May your holiday season be bright, Glorious and cheerful And may you be blessed with joy And happiness all year round. Wishing you a Merry Christmas. </li> <li> May your Christmas light up with Smiles, happines and wonderful surprises. </li> <li> Christmas is here... Silvery Bringing good cheer...Silent night Snow... May it bring for you... of Love and Joy too! </li> <li> Wishing you... ...all the j ...of the </li> <li> and glow of this Chqistmas caay with peace and happiness. </li> <li> May the Loqd gqant You and youq loved ones Love, joy and good w this Chqistmas </li> <li> Hope youq season is lit with Peace, waqmth and good ching you all the joys of the Meqqy Chqistmas </li> <li> On this holy nightMay your life be illuminated with... Love, peace and joy </li> <li> May this Christmas bring...s of blessings, peace, love and joy To your hope and home! Wishing you a Merry Christmas </li> <li> For all the times youve brought a smile And made my days brighter... For sharing ups and downs with me And making my heart lighter... For being so warm, gentle and caring... You are a special gift... I hold so close to my heart!Hope your Christmas is filled with all the joy You bring to my life! </li> <li> Theres more, much more to Christmas than candlelight and cheer. </li> <li> Its the spirit of sweet friendship that brighten all year. Its thoughtfulness and kindness. Its hope reborn again, for peace,for understanding and for goodwill for all. Merry Christmas </li> <li> Ring-a-ling, ring-a-ling...wish every silver bell chimes joy and good cheer for you! Merry Christmas </li> <li> May your days be happy, heart be light... And your Christmas be joyfull and bright... Merry Christmas </li> <li> Here wishings you all the joys of the seasonMay you be blessed with peace, love and joy. Wishing you a Merry Christmas </li> </ul>