New year’s resolutions

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<ul><li> 1. NewYearsresolutions<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. School<br />In2010<br />Iwillstudymore.<br />I wontfailanyexams.<br />Imaystudy every day.<br />Imightpreparetheexams inone day.<br /> 3. Family<br /> In 2010<br /> I willstay more time withmyfamily.<br />I wontstop meetmy cousins.<br /> I maypas more time withmysister.<br /> I mightvisit more myfamily.<br /> 4. Health<br />In 2010<br />I willdo more sport.<br />I wonteatfastfood.<br />I mayeatmore vegetables.<br />Imighteat a lot of sweets.<br /> 5. Friends<br />In 2010<br />I willpass more time withthem.<br />I wontlose contact withfriendswho live in other places.<br /> I may help whentheyneed.<br />I might not stop listening to theiradvice<br /> 6. Money<br />In2010<br />Iwillusemoremoneytohelpotherpeople. <br />I wontusemoneytobuystupidthings.<br />Imayuse moremoneyon boocks. <br />Imightbuycandies.<br /> 7. TV<br />In 2010<br />I willsee programs in English.<br />I wontseestupid programs.<br /> I maysee good films.<br /> I mightsee a lot of TV.<br /> 8. Environment<br /> In 2010<br />I will recycle.<br /> I wont have a bath insedeshower. <br /> I may use public transport. <br /> I mightturn of the light when I dontneedit.<br /> 9. Hobbies<br />In 2010<br />I willpracticemore.<br />I wontstop doingit.<br />Imayworkhard.<br />Imightarrive latte.<br /> 10. English<br /> In 2010<br />I will practice more.<br />I wont stop studyingEnglish.<br /> I mayspeak in English.<br /> I might not stop do exercises.<br /></p>


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