Need to Know : Takashi Murakami

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  1. 1. and AboutTakashi Murakami curated by: ADRIAN RUBIN
  2. 2. Superflat published super at theory in 2000 part of curated show at MOCA proposes idea of a legacy of 2-D imagery found in Japanese art history superat focuses on surface and at planes of color claims post-war class differentiation attened high/low culture
  3. 3. Hiropon Factory launched Hiropon Factory production worshop in 1996 uses atelier system 2001 -> Kaikai Kiki Co. , Ltd.
  4. 4. Collaborations Issey Miyaki Marc Jacobs/Louis Vuitton Kanye West: Graduation cover and video for Good Morning Pharrell Williams Vice/Intel Creators Project
  5. 5. Today 1st traveling retrospective 2007-2009 Chaos Lounge 2010, work at Versaille organizes GEISAI
  6. 6. For More Info: