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  • My Favourite PhotographersBy Louise Crux

  • How Mike Rosenthal Photographs People

  • Analysis of Photo

  • This is a photo taken by an American photographer Mike Rosenthal. Its a picture of 2 socialites in New York City, on top of a roofless double decker bus. The girls themselves have blonde hair and are dressed in high fashion clothing which would be designer, which would give the hint away of the Louis Vuitton logo in the background. Also you can tell that they are spoilt and that they use daddy's credit card by the amount of bags they have on them, while looking spoilt and looking snobbish. When it comes to the rules of composition it follows the rule of thirds as they arent in the centre of the photo, the focal point are the girls them selves and the contrast in colours.

  • Analysis of Photo

  • This was to pose with her face partly underwater, which will emphasise would emphasise her eyes and create an eerie type of photo, with the added red mist in the background. With the girl in the photo, you can see that part of her face is under and you cant see her neck which makes it look like she the headless horseman carrying her head but instead of the horseman its a water nymph type creature.

    This picture follows the rules of composition by having a balance in the colours, the rule of thirds and how the girl is more to the left of the photo then the actual centre, and its simplicity and how its not so cluttered and the way she is the focal point of the picture and when you first look at the picture you will look straight at her and in to her eyes.

  • How Rankin Photographs People

  • Analysis of Photo

  • In this black and white photo, a woman is riding her horse either in the countryside in England or in a ranch in America. The woman herself looks like a she is woman of aristocracy, and gets the enjoyment of riding her black stallion.

    Like the pictures that are shown by Rankin in the slides before hand, pictures have a certain type of drama added to them in each one. In this picture the drama resides in the clothing that the girl is wearing, the riding of the horse and the way picture is taken which is in black and white which adds more effect to the picture.

    The rules of composition is the simplicity of the photo, the way the girl and the horse are just off to the right but staying in the middle.