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Avril Lavinge-Album cover the Best Damn ThingThis album cover is simple with lavigne against a wall. The bright pink highlights in her hair stand out and are vivid due to the background and the clothes she is wearing. The album logo on the front cover portrays the punk side to both Avril as a person and to her music and the visuals to her music. The Skull bones over the heart may have resemblance to the album title the best damn thing, her heart is still there and is still stong but it has had a lot of things happen, this reflets in the lyrics of the songs on this album.

The back cover of this album is a close up portrait of Lavigne where she is wearing heavy make up, this is a portrayal of her punk and skater girl persona. The stars printed on the right hand side of the back cover tie in line with the skull heart on the top left corner on the Front cover. The text on the back cover where we can see the name of songs on the album. The text looks as if it has been stenciled and graphitised onto the paper and portrays a rebellious yet childish look to the back cover. The pink from her hair has followed through onto the text and stamp images.

At the bottom of the back cover you can see the record label , the producers, the song mixers, rights to the record label and a barcode for the publics purchasing.

The text used on this album cover is very simple, the colours are monochrome and font is plain. Although the font is plain it ha effect, it reads easily and is clear to the audience. The picture on the albums cover is a medium shot of Tom Odell. The shot is focused on him, the background is blurred. Not only does this album cover relate to the simplicity of the album cover in which I hope to create but it is very effective. This image of Odell works well with songs on the album because of the relaxed atmosphere his music gives to listeners.

Tom OdellThe back of the album cover shows the audience the songs on the album and the titles have been placed onto a brick walks for effect. To the left of this frame you can see Tom walking up stair, wearing a hipster outfit. A blue shirt, skinny jeans, brown Chelsea boots and a bomber jacket. This is a portrayal of his music. At the bottom of this cover there is a barcode, the record labels name, producers names. The text on the background is also simple and is written in white for effect and so that it is able to stand out against the background, a brick wall.

Ron Pope- Existing single cover

This is the album cover for A Drop In The Ocean by Ron Pope. The artist who I chose for my A2 Media, final. You can see that the cover for this single is very simple, two colours have been used for the font. Red for the song title and black for the artist's name. The font Is bold and stands out on the monochrome, black and white colour schemed photo graph on Ron Pope.

I think that this photo portrays Ron as a person, dressed simply, a leather coat, a white t-shirt. He has shoulder length breaking the stereotype of men having short hair. His persona fits in well with his genre of music