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HABITS OF HAPPPY PEOPLEPresented by:Samrina Sarwar 2014-MC-116 Zainab Raiz 2014-MC-108 Aisha kanwal 2014-MC-102 Nimra Tasneem 2014-MC-150 Myra Saqib 2014-MC-114

What is happiness?State of well beingInternal contentmentPleasant emotionsIs happiness still possible?Natural happinessExternal eventsThings that make people happy

How people become happy:

1.ForgiveHolding a grudgePeace of mindOwn mistakesLearn from mistakesOptimismWhat is optimism?Positive side of every situationReason behind every happeningReplace negative thoughts by positive thoughts3.Self careTake care of mindTake care of health Exercise your mind

4.GratitudeVision for tomorrowGrateful for your home ,family and friendsUnlock the fullness of lifeRewarded with more5.Learn continuouslyKeep up to dateMagic of actionInteractive learningLearning environment

Dont compare yourself to others Every ones life is uniqueUnhealthy sense of superiorityMeasurement of own successSaying of Bill Gates & J Johnson

Appreciate lifeDevelopment of childlike sense of wonderFocus on the beauty of every living thingDont sweat small the stuff

Use personal strength Definition of personal strength Unique personal strengths State of completion Physiological rewards


13Take responsibilityTake responsibility for own moods ,attitude ,thoughts ,feelings ,actions and wordsAdmitting own mistakesIgnoring others negative behavior

PersistenceFacing new challengesFocus on desiresLearn required skillsFocus on planes to take actionBe proactiveSelf awarenessConscience, creative imaginationIndependent willProactive people are more satisfied

MeditateWipe away days stressIt restore calm and inner peaceIt increase self confidenceIt reduce anxiety

Magic formulaKeep life simpleBeware of indecisionPractice cheerfulnessLearn to people

Enjoy lifeKeep their word Result of surveyThey say no when they need toThey cultivate optimismThey full committed to their top priorities They live a life that they actually want

Look to the futureFocus on creating future dreamsSet their goalsWork hard to attain desired thing

Choose friends wiselyAssociation on regular basisSurround yourself with happy and positive peopleNegative company never give positive lifeFill life with positive influences

Service to othersShows great deal of characterGives satisfactionGives positive impact

CompassionAccording to MartinAn important human elementShow recognition and respect to all situation

ConclusionVarious habitsDevelopment of habitsPositive changes