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Gonds are a tribal community presently settled in parts of Madhya Pradesh, Chhatisgarh and Maharashtra. They speak native Gond language and have their own particular style of painting. In this art project, we've gone through some unifying aspects of Gond art. Web link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F26QJUEKHCI&noredirect=1 Team members: Ahsen, Himanshu, Harkirat, Teja and Hrashikesh


GOND PAINTINGS ART 701A Team Members Ahsen Parwez (11416) Himanshu Gautam Harkirat Singh Hrishikesh Nagesh Kulkarni Sai Teja Reddy GOND - HISTORY Dravidian origins Largest tribe in Central India Kond means green mountains in Dravidian idiom Gondi language related to Telegu GOND PAINTINGS Art an expression of their everyday quest for life Viewing a good image begets good luck Gond festival Dighna Pradhan Gonds visual arts in ceremonies Drawings in ink on paper, animated film, painting on canvas with acrylic and silkscreen prints Jangarh Singh Shyam - first Gond artist to employ canvas and paper GOND STYLE Paintings materialize like a collage of dashes and dots Bright images of animals and plants, articulating folklores Both black and white and coloured Affluent in color, humor, detail and mystery Brilliant hues Mythical beasts and the intricate detailing of flora and fauna Colors derived from natural sources Outline commences the art which is filled using block colors Three-dimensional effect TRIBAL PAINTING OF ELEPHANT MARRIAGE OF DESIRE AND INTOXICATION UNIFYING ASPECTS Repetition Motifs Texture Continuity and rhythm Continuous with wavy motifs No rectilinear strokes Three dimensional Full of texture Psychedelic effect due to detour from reality