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Ganges art gallery

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Ganges Art Gallery

Logo of Ganges Art Gallery:

Its beautiful to look at..

About Ganges Art Gallery

Situated in : Kolkata, India

Founded in the year : 2007

Founded by : Mrs Smita Bajoria

Ganges Art Gallery has organized and curated shows and retrospectives for an array of modern and contemporary artists from India and elsewhere in the subcontinent.

These exhibitions have showcased the works of not just established but also upcoming artists working in painting, sculpture, video, photography and new media and whose practices are significant within cotemporary art and culture.

Year 2008 : Retour en Inde ( Return to India) To All Whom It May Concern

Year 2010 : In Search of the Inquisite Some of the organised shows

Year 2011 :

Dialectica Roots

Year 2012 :

Art of the Gonds [An exhibition of Gond Tribal Art ]

Year 2013 :

Conversation in ColourBeing BlackAnuchitra or Miniature ArtThe Print & Beyond

Year 2014 :

Shyam Kanu BorthakurBanyan Art ShowArt of the tribal and FolkDesh

Year 2015 :

Chooteche Mon Maatir PaaneShifting ShelvesKayaConvergenceShanti

Conclusion One of the important aim of Ganges Art Gallery is to expose emerging talent through exhibitions at the gallery and also simultaneously participate in selected international art fairs.

Ganges Art Gallery is looking to expand their presence overseas by engaging in strategic partnerships with museums and galleries of note in Asia, Europe and the United States.

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