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very beautiful presentation with nice flower and wise words


<ul><li> 1. WhatisIslam ?</li></ul> <p> 2. Islamispeace. 3. Islamisease. 4. Islamisbeautiful. 5. Islamissuccessful. 6. Islam is harmony. 7. Islamisunity. 8. Islam is purity. 9. Islamissanity. 10. Islam is love and prosperity. 11. Islam is one in unity. 12. Islam'snothatredoradversity. 13. Islammakesyou wholesomeand trustworthy. 14. Islam isnotrivalry andenmity. 15. Islamis true salvation. 16. Islamis repentance. 17. Islam means no harm or affliction. 18. Islam implores you with affection. 19. Islam is giving Allah all praise. 20. Islam is for all place. 21. Islamrespectsallrace. 22. Islamsuitsallphase. 23. Islam is worshipping only the Creator. 24. Islam is submission and surrender. 25. Islam is not meant for Dictator. 26. Islam is not a terrorist or for a pretender. 27. Islam is patience and perseverance. 28. Islameasesyourvengeance throughtolerance. 29. Islamisa way of life foreternity. 30. Islam gives you respect &amp; dignity. 31. Islam is winning hearts through honesty. 32. Islam is sincerity in charity. 33. Islam makes you wholesome and trustworthy. 34. Islam is in wealth as well as in poverty. 35. Islam is your shield against all evil. 36. Islam is for your soul's retrieval. 37. Islam not fundamentalism or fanaticism. 38. Islam's notnationalismorracism. 39. Islam's not danger or disease. 40. Islamislove &amp; prosperity.Islam's not hatred or adversity. 41. Islam is salvation through repentance. 42. Islamhaslove forallin abundance. 43. Islam means no harm or affliction.Islam implores you with affection. 44. Islam isneither mazenorcraze. 45. Islam'snot mere numbersonA calculator. 46. Islam gives you power when you surrender. 47. Islam eases your vengeance through tolerance.Islam is life for all eternity.Islam is giving openly in charity 48. Islam makes you wholesome and trustworthyIslam is in wealth as well as in poverty.Islam is for your soul's retrieval. 49. Islam not fundamentalism or fanaticism.Islam's not nationalism or racism.Wake up, people, Islam is here. 50. Islam is here,so have no fear.Islam is a way of life, try it.Islam is a gift, accept it.Islam is a journey, complete it. 51. Islam is a struggle, fight for it. Islam is a goal, achieve it. Islam is a duty, perform it. 52. Islam is not a game, don't play with it.Islam is not a mystery, behold it.Islam is not for the dead, live it.Islam is a promise, fulfill it. 53. Islam is a treasure (the Prayer), pray it.Islam is a beautiful way of life, see it.Islam has a message for you, hear it. 54. Islam is love, love it. 55. THE END </p>