First digital photography

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<ul><li> 1. First Digital PhotographyShoot Exercise with DSLRsNikon D-90Nikon D-80Nikon D-60</li></ul> <p> 2. Exercise Take FIVE shots each for: (20 Shots in total) Varying the exposure by Aperture Varying the exposure by Shutter Speed Varying the exposure by ISO/Film Speed Different Depth Of Field by changing its factors Keep FOCUS &amp; EXPOSURE settings at MANUAL Note your Image numbers (eg _DSC001.jpg)individually &amp; take photographs from studio on sameday. 3. Exposure Settings options 4. D-60 . 5. D60 6. LCD Displays of D-60 7. D-80 . 8. D80 9. LCD Displays of D-80 10. D-90 . 11. D90 12. LCD Displays of D-90 13. Lens &amp; Camera Specific Settings. For D-60 Click Here For D-80 Click Here For D-90 Click Here </p>