Fashion is universal

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Art is Universal

FashionArt is Universal

Fashion is a term that inspires many smiles and thoughts of glamour and style in people.

The fashion industry without doubt is one of the biggest in the world.It is today intertwined with cultures, customs and trends from all over the globe.while the demand for newer and trendier clothes will never go out, the global fashion industry continually attempts to re-invent itself and one of the best ways to do this is to combine styles and methods from all the various corners of the world.

Fashion has always been more aboutArt than strategy

Creativity than innovation

Connections than governance

Valentino Garavani DesignersGlobalization has boosted up the fashion industry and gave it a wider platform to display their talents and introduce different designs to the world. But from where actually the design come.???

Valentino GaravaniRalph Lauren

Tom FordThese designs are creative and innovative work of fashion designers. These designers have a lasting impact on the fashion world and popular culture throughout the decades. From traditional to assorted, their discrete styles will always manipulate the way people dress, and the way new designers advance their work

Dolce and Gabbana

Alexander McQueen. Fashion designers work in a number of ways in designing clothing and accessories.

Fashion design is the ability of the designer relevance to the design and aesthetics or natural beauty for clothing and accessories. Fashion design is predisposed by artistic and social attitudes.

Someone wonder whether Fashion is Art or not?

And we think Yes.

If say No, we need to answer the question: What is the difference between wearing something great and seeing it ??!!

The facts:Designers create a global style across borders and cultures. Asian, African and Western fashion systems borrow style from each other.

Stars as advertisement

Humans need for beautifying.

Brands name become more attractive to the youth than ever.

The fuel of fashionWe are driven by money

And enjoying the most trendy appearance through marketing and media.

fashion: always trendyThere are a lot of kinds of clothes in religions which is really different together.

People use clothes as the artistic choice themselves to become more beautiful and appealing.

In weddingCostumes in wedding usually glamorous and fantastic especially for the bride.

Office and work fashionIt is often formal and polite to show the consciousness and concentration to work

In parties and celebrationsIt may be attractive, comfortable and gorgeous

In traditional festivalsThere are some costumes featuring tradition of other regions

In conclusion, in each form of fashion and in each trend of fashion also have particular points tending to a good look. This is artistic, so it is quite universal in our life.